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Alabama Presidential Primary Results

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/13

Mississippi and Alabama, being southern states, are both must-win states for Newt Gingrich. Their Primaries are today.

As of 10:05pm local time, Alabama’s results are Santorum 34.4, Gingrich 30.0, Romney 28.1, with 802 of 2136 precincts reporting. The nutball Ron Paul is in fourth place with 5.2 percent of the vote.

Mitt Romney, the presumptive front-runner is in third place in Alabama, as the Conservative vote is rejecting him rather soundly.

Correction: Alabama is in Central Time and not Eastern Time. Future updates will reflect the proper time.

As of 9:23pm local time, the results are Santorum 34.6, Gingrich 30.0, Romney 28.1 with Ron Paul trailing far behind at 5.1 with 1092 of 2136 precincts reporting.

As of 9:28pm local time, Santorum continues to lead with 34.6. Gingrich follows with 29.9 and Romney trails in third place with 28.2. 1226 of 2136 precincts reporting.

As of 9:36pm local time, Santorum leads the pack with 34.6, followed by Gingrich with 30.0 and Romney with 28.3. 1349 of 2136 precincts reporting. Presumptive front-runner and moderate squish Mitt Romney is trailing a three-man race with two more Conservative candidates dividing the Conservative vote between them.

As of 9:44pm local time, Santorum has widened his lead to 35.0 to Gingrich’s 29.6 and Romney’s 28.3. 1471 of 2136 precincts reporting. The presumptive front-runner and Establishment moderate squish Mitt Romney is in third place, trailing both more Conservative candidates, despite their splitting the Conservative vote between them. This is a good day for TEA Party Conservatives and a bad day for the Republican Establishment.

As of 10:o7pm local time, Santorum continues to lead the other Conservative candidate Gingrich, 34.9 to 29.5, with the Moderate Establishment candidate Romney trailing in third place with 28.4. 1648 precincts reporting. Santorum leads Gingrich by 24,000 votes and Romney by 28,000 votes.

As of 10:25pm local time, things have started to tighten up. But not in the way you might expect from the previous numbers. Santorum’s lead is insurmountable at 34.7 to Gingrich’s 29.1. But the Moderate squish Romney is hard on Gingrich’s heels at 29.0. 1839 of 2136 precincts reporting. Santorum leads Gingrich by 29,600 votes and Romney by 30,200 votes. In the South, Gingrich’s country.

As of 10:37pm local time, Santorum continues to lead by an insurmountable margin, with 34.5 to Gingrich’s 29.3 and Romney’s 29.0. The absolute nutball xenophobe anti-Semite Ron Paul trails badly at 5.0. 1943 of 2136 precincts reporting. Santorum leads Gingrich by 30,200 votes, Romney by 31,900 votes, and Paul by 170,400 votes.

As of 10:44pm local time, Santorum’s insurmountable lead continues to be … insurmountable. Santorum leads Gingrich 34.5 to 29.3, with Romney trailing in third with 29.0. 1964 of 2136 precincts reporting. Gingrich leads Romney in the Silver Medal chase by 1,800 votes.

While it was expected one of the two Conservative choices would win the state, Romney’s dismal third place showing is very bad. Especially since the Northerner came in first and the two Conservative choices are both beating the Establishment choice. This does not portend well for Romney’s chances, at all.

As of 11:00pm local time, Santorum’s lead remains insurmountable. And the Silver Medal goes to the other Conservative in the race: Newt Gingrich. The Establishment choice takes the Bronze, and the anti-Semite xenophobe takes the booby prize. Santorum leads Gingrich 34.6 to 29.3 while Romney trails at 28.9 as the previous tightening has loosened up again. RuPaul cannot get out of single digits. In fact, RuPaul cannot even get into the high single digits.

Current vote count:
Santorum 201,921
Gingrich 171,427
Romney 169,270
Paul 29,098


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