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Ohio Democrats To Dennis Kucinich: You’re Done Here

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/07

While everyone is interested in the Super Tuesday Republican Primaries, something else happened. Dennis Kucinich lost his re-election bid in the Democrat Primaries in Ohio to Marcy Kaptur. Democrats love to tout Obama’s “landslide” victory in 2008, where he received less than 53 percent of the popular vote to McCain’s over 45 percent of the popular vote. To those Democrats, I say Dennis Kucinich was a landslide, avalanche, then landslide loser on Super Tuesday. He got 41 percent of the vote in a three person race, while the winner, Marcy Kaptur, won 55 percent of the vote in a greater landslide win than Obama’s supposed landslide. Blubonnet, a Washington native who believes nearly all the conspiracy theories (such as George Bush blew up the WTC and fire doesn’t melt steel), had declared Kucinich to be her choice for President on many occasions over at CSPT.

Kucinich has spent money on internet ads that can even occasionally be seen on the Conservative/Libertarian Hot Air site, trying to overcome the properly decided Citizens United SCOTUS decision. He’s one of the furthest Left in Congress, and, unless he does some real fishy business, he’s out. Kucinich won Cuyahoga County, which is Cleveland (a Leftist city which has been busily shedding population since the 1950s due to the flight from the results of Liberal rule, losing well over half its population while the US doubled in population during the same time-frame), but he lost in the other four counties in his newly redrawn district (as a result of the 2010 Census and Ohio losing two districts). So, as far as Ohio is concerned, Kucinich is over. But that still leaves Washington State, where I previously wrote (but cannot currently find) Kucinich was seriously considering so he can remain in the US Congress (so much for representing the people where he lives). Cleveland Scene Magazine notes that the filing date in Washington State is not until May 18, so Kucinich could still flee Ohio, which has lost two seats, and file for election in Washington State, which has gained a seat, and run in a second Democrat Primary for Congress. The question remains how interested in advancing issues Ohioans want is Kucinich? And the corollary: How much does Kucinich want the power that goes with being a career Congresscritter, regardless of the wishes of the people he supposedly represents? And a second corollary: Since the people Kucinich supposedly represents resoundlingly rejected him, will he go find new people to accept him so he can keep his power, beholden to none of “We the People”?

Now that the Socialist Dennis Kucinich lost his bid to represent We the People, the question remains whether he’s there for the power or for the intent the Founders and Framers laid out.

Side note:
“Joe the Plumber” won the Republican Primary, when people didn’t know whether he’d face the Socialist Dennis Kucinich or the Leftist Marcy Kaptur. So “Joe the Plumber” will face Marcy Kaptur in the 2012 General, in a very solidly Democrat district.

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