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They Found Us Through WHAT????

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/02/28

As I’ve mentioned before, I regularly check my site’s internals. I am particularly interested in referencing sites as to how people find TBD. I found a very interesting site today, which had a route to TBD somehow. Study Bass Guitar Online. After reading the article, I have to say that the site is either ESL/translated, or wholly trollish. But I suspect it’s ESL/translated.

I have long had an interest in learning how to play the bass guitar, much moreso than rhythm (my second choice) or lead (my third choice) because I love the drive the bass guitar provides. Rhythm guitar is incapable of providing that drive, and lead guitar is wholly outside the drive and wholly within the fluffery of the song.

But having looked at the article in question, I still have no idea how someone came here from there. Nor do I have any idea what they’re saying.


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