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Posted by Dana Pico on 2012/02/27

I noticed that our esteemed host’s left sidebar image has had a slight addition:

My Daughter Used To Serve

My daughter, now an Iraq War veteran, was in the Army for roughly 5.5 years.

We all honor Laura’s service to our country.

Now comes my older daughter’s turn: her Army Reserve unit, the 476th Engineering Detachment, will be heading to Fort Bliss, Texas, on Tuesday, before shipping out to Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, the operating base of the Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa. She is scheduled for nine months in Africa.

The 476th Engineering Detachment are primarily surveyors, though they have other duties.


6 Responses to “Deployment”

  1. Our blog family is very much like a family to me in many ways. So, tell “my niece” that I’m proud of her and I pray Providence watches over her.


  2. Dana Pico said

    It shall be done.


  3. Dana Pico said

    And now things have changed. At the very last minute, they’ve pushed off shipping out a couple of days, and the Army may not send the entire unit; SPC Pico may not be oing.


  4. Ummm, about that uncertainty thing, what of SPC Pico’s education and her “one semester short” thing? Is she still able to schedule those classes for a Justin Case? Just in case she doesn’t get activated and deployed? Or is the whole military thing short-circuiting the education thing, whether the military ships her or not?

    As has been clearly demonstrated, I have a high regard for the US military and all who are part of it. But I also know that the US military can have its bureaucratic SNAFUs (sanitized definition of that acronym is “Situation Normal, All Fouled Up”), which catch various people in less-than-satisfactory situations. I also like using a combined-acronym SNAFUBAR, which is (sanitized) “Situation Normal, All Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition”, to describe military life. And yet, I maintain my utmost respect for the US military and all who enter it.


  5. Dana Pico said

    It has truly fouled up everything. She needs three more courses to be graduated, one of which is only offered in the Spring semester. She didn’t go during the Fall, to save money, since she’d still have had to have attended this Spring to be graduated. She was all set to go, when the initial report — sans paperwork — came to her unit, and she was told at drill, the weekend before she’s have left for State College, that the unit was definitely going to be deployed around the end of February. If she had gone, she’d have had to have dropped out, so she saved about $10,000. Now she might not be going, and that means she’ll have wasted a whole year. 😦


  6. Dustin said

    Dana, that sounds incredibly frustrating.


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