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#DixiecratMyth Minilanche!

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/02/25

So I came home from work this morning and checked my blog’s internal Site Stats, as I usually do. But what I found was abnormal. Prior to 10am, Truth Before Dishonor had already gotten over 270 views! A quick look at the numbers showed me where those views came from and what they were (mainly) viewing. It was my article I wrote May 10, 2011, entitled The Dixiecrat Myth, which can be found prominently linked in my side bar. And the source of those hits? Twitter and FaceBook. And a quick check of Twitter to see who caused those hits (because I’m not skilled enough to do any in-depth searching of that sort) showed links from Adam Baldwin (who sent the link to some well-known people), Dan Riehl, and others.

Thanks, folks, for the shout out! It is very much appreciated.


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  1. Adam Baldwin ‏ @adamsbaldwin


    “The ‘Dixiecrat’ Myth.” –… ~ cc: @KurtSchlichter @derekahunter @ChicoDelainky @tonykatz @rolandsmartin @NewsNinja2012
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    Tom Hennigan {Insert Name Here} The Gormogons Mike P Phil Ross Kayla Anderson Adam Baldwin

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    DanRiehl ‏ @DanRiehl


    Good read – RT @adamsbaldwin: “The ‘Dixiecrat’ Myth.” –
    Retweeted by Kurt Schlichter

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    Babylon Cat Rebecca L Baldwin Michael Lee Kurt Schlichter

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  2. Dana Pico said

    More than ten months ago. Could you tell how many of tem stayed for other articles?


  3. The internal site stats stuff (not the Site Meter found on the sidebar) is a bit confusing. There’s a Referrers section which shows “Search Engines” got 17 views. Then there’s a separate “Search Engines section which shows 15 views. (Maybe the 17 are completely different from the 15?) So far, as of 14:32, there are 168 Referrer views and 15 Search Engine views.

    Moving to the right, “Top Posts and Pages” shows 270 of 311 for “The Dixiecrat Myth” and only 12 of 311 for Home Page, and another 4 for About


  4. Foxfier said

    Whoot! Grats– And an attractive avalanche source it is, too. ;^p


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