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Chevy Volt Ad

Posted by Yorkshire on 2012/02/25

The New Chevy Volt (turn on sound)

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#DixiecratMyth Minilanche!

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/02/25

So I came home from work this morning and checked my blog’s internal Site Stats, as I usually do. But what I found was abnormal. Prior to 10am, Truth Before Dishonor had already gotten over 270 views! A quick look at the numbers showed me where those views came from and what they were (mainly) viewing. It was my article I wrote May 10, 2011, entitled The Dixiecrat Myth, which can be found prominently linked in my side bar. And the source of those hits? Twitter and FaceBook. And a quick check of Twitter to see who caused those hits (because I’m not skilled enough to do any in-depth searching of that sort) showed links from Adam Baldwin (who sent the link to some well-known people), Dan Riehl, and others.

Thanks, folks, for the shout out! It is very much appreciated.

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