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First Crocus of Year

Posted by Yorkshire on 2012/02/23

I was out on the scooter around the house to see if there was winter????? damage and found this today:

2 Responses to “First Crocus of Year”

  1. I had planted about 100 of those bulbs beside my Ohio home back in 2004ish. The last time I saw those flowers, in 2009, there had to have been 400 growing. How I miss my 30X100 field of flowers! (over 1,000 bulbs planted, over 2,500 flowers growing just a few years later)


  2. Yorkshire said

    That’s what I like about Bulbs. Plant one fat tulip bulb, let it grow, let it bloom, when the bloom fades cut off the seed head, then let the leaves start to die back, dig it up, then you have two or three bulbs that will flower, and a few bulblets to let grow. Within 2 years, you’ll have more than 5 or 6 blooming bulbs. Don’t forget the bone meal when planting.


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