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A political cartoon from The Miami Herald

Posted by Dana Pico on 2012/02/19

One of my high school classmates, who is a die-hard Democrat, recently posted this cartoon from the Miami Herald on his Facebook page:

Well, reading the sign held up by the Jackass, I have to wonder: why, when the Democrats held large majorities in both Houses of Congress, including a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, didn’t they actually do any of that? The real reason, of course, is that it’s all a lie: those are the things the Democrats campaign on doing, but, once in office, they never actually try to do them. A shorter term for it would be populism.

Cut spending, the first item on the list? In FY2007, the last year that the Republicans controlled the Congress, total federal outlays were 19.7% of GDP, which was way too high, and produced a $160.7 billion deficit. Since the Democrats won control of the Congress, total federal outlays have shot up, to 20.8% of GDP in FY2008, when George Bush was still our President, to over 24% every single year since Barack Obama was inaugurated. President Obama’s proposed budget calls for total spending of 23.3% for FY2013 and in the mid 22% range for as far into the future as he can project, including years in which he projects steady economic growth and that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will be only memories.¹

Even the last item, the one the Democrats like so much, Raise Taxes for the Super Rich, the Democrats could have done, in 2009 and 2010, when they had solid majorities, but they didn’t even try! The 2001/2003 tax cuts were scheduled to expire at the end of 2010, yet the Democrats who controlled the eleventy-first Congress never even brought a bill to retain those cuts for everyone below $250,000, and let them expire for above that income — one of Mr Obama’s 2008 campaign promises — until after the 2010 elections, after they had already lost. Warren Buffett, the billionaire who says that we should raise taxes on the rich, runs a corporation, Berkshire-Hathaway, which owes the IRS a billion dollars in back taxes, dating from 2002, because he’s nothing but a hypocrite.

Cut small business taxes? The President’s FY2013 budget proposal calls for increasing taxes on above $250,000 earners, but 2/3 of those filers are actually unincorporated small businesses! The Democrats say that they want to cut taxes for small businesses, but actually propose increases on taxes which impact small businesses, and then let companies like Berkshire-Hathaway, run by an Obama supporter, withhold their legally-owed taxes for years and years.

Cut corporate welfare and big business subsidies? Most people have heard of Solyndra, because it failed so badly after Obama Administration porkulus plan loan guarantees, but it turned out that there were 11 other solar-energy firms which did the same damned thing, all failing, because the Democrats weren’t ending corporate welfare or business subsidies, but simply moved the subsidies to companies which they favored.

The people for whom good, rank-and-file working class Democrats have been voting for all of these years have been lying to them, lying to them all along. They say the things their voters want to hear, and then once they have their votes in their pockets, don’t do any of the things their constituents voted for them to do.

This is the part that Republicans just don’t understand. The Democrats treat their supporters like absolute idiots, lying to them continually, and yet their supporters keep supporting them! Republicans lied to their supporters, too, about cutting spending, but that resulted in the abandonment of the Republicans in the 2006 elections, and the rise of the TEA Party faction in 2010, something the Republican leadership never anticipated, and some Republican officeholders discovered wasn’t to their liking in the 2010 primary elections.

¹ – All figures in this paragraph are from the President’s proposed FY2013 budget, from Table 1.1—Summary of Receipts, Outlays, and Surpluses or Deficits (-): 1789–2017 and Table 1.2—Summary of Receipts, Outlays, and Surpluses or Deficits (-) as Percentages of GDP: 1930–2017.
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4 Responses to “A political cartoon from The Miami Herald

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  2. Dustin said

    Good post. It’s annoying to see the same tired lines year after year. They had plenty of power and could have followed Obama’s plan.

    And even though I never actually thought Obama’s plans were sincere, had he actually cut the deficit in half and made other serious reforms to the bloat, I would honestly consider supporting him despite my vast differences with him.

    And that reminds me that the GOP also promises folks like me a lot of the things they had a chance to do, but didn’t. It’s bittersweet to realize the dems are played for suckers.


  3. Dana Pico said

    Dustin, you see the same tired lines from the Democrats year after year because they actually work on some voters.

    The Republicans have a chance to be different, because the TEA Party is primarying the old establishment types. They haven’t won everywhere, but they’re making progress.

    In a way, the TEA Partiers are the responsible half of Ron Paul’s libertarianism. If you strip away the whack-job part of Ron Paul’s candidacy away, what remains is the TEA Party platform!


  4. In a way, the TEA Partiers are the responsible half of Ron Paul’s libertarianism. If you strip away the whack-job part of Ron Paul’s candidacy away, what remains is the TEA Party platform!

    Word up!

    (The slang “word” means or meant a rock-solid agreement to what the other person said. By adding “up”, it meant that rock-solid agreement was even more enthusiastically declared. Besides, I love that song from my favorite decade.)


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