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“Throw The Mormon Out”

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/02/09

I have seen multiple cases of Mitt Romney supporters acting very Alinskyite (read Democrat) in their attempts to demonize the strong opposition to Romney. It’s because Romney is a Mormon, they say, (examples can be found in Hot Air comment threads) completely ignoring Romney’s history and actual actions. Members of a Christian Church stand up and say if Romney is the candidate, they’ll stay home and not vote, and immediately the Romney supporters vilify the people, using straw-man ad hominem charges. They also use false dichotomy attacks, but that is tangential here.

Many people are shocked that so many evangelical Christians reject Mormonism as part of the Christian faith. I briefly touched on why Mormonism is decidedly not Christian in an earlier article. And while Mormonism is decidedly not Christian, that does not mean Christians will reject a Mormon for political office due to his or her faith. This site, which is decidedly Christian Conservative, has endorsed Mia Love, who I believe is a Mormon, for Congress due to her political positions. She’s prominent in the side-bar. I have a lot of respect for Glenn Beck, who is very up front with his Mormonism and his Libertarianism (which is not exactly Conservative), because he actually ferrets out the truth regarding the Democrat leadership’s strong ties to Socialists (such as billionaire convicted criminal and NAZI aiding George Soros) and the truth regarding the worldwide efforts to rebuild a Mohammedan caliphate.

When I was in high school, I house-sat for a Mormon family, and for very good reason: the father was a licensed gun dealer. I counted over 200 rifles and shotguns on one wall of their living room. And that was not the entirety of their gun collection. They had various pistols and fully automatic, high rounds-per-minute, large magazine weapons strewn about the house. It was important, even in the low-crime region of the low-crime town, for them to always have someone inside the house as a preventative measure. They were Mormons, and not Christian, although they thought themselves Christian. They were good people, nonetheless. (I expect they still are Mormons and good people, but I have not seen any of them in over 25 years.) The fact they were Mormon did not affect how I treated them. The daughter was my age and a very good friend of mine. Her Mormonism did not affect my decision-making in the least.

It is the same with Mitt Romney. The fact he is Mormon, while meaning he is decidedly not Christian, is not weighed in the balance when I look at him. In fact, modern-day mainstream Mormon beliefs would suggest a morality and value structure which is very much in line with Christian Conservative morality and value structures. It is, rather, Romney’s three positions for each issue and his record as Governor which disqualifies him.

I even highlight a Mormon Senator from Utah for special praise every year during my “Lights Of The Season” series.

As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney

  • Pushed Cap and Tax, feeding off the Glowball Warming alarmism.
  • Pushed Romneycare, the evil father of the evil Obamacare, both of which have the individual mandate, requiring the subjects (not citizens for a reason) purchase a product on pain of legal fines. To this day, Romney — in mock-worthy fashion — declares the individual mandate and Romneycare to be Conservative.
  • Pushed an anti-Catholic (who are we kidding? It’s anti-Christian!) mandate within Romneycare, the same that we have found out is in Obamacare, thanks to Sebelius.
  • Dramatically increased taxes on Massachusetts residents by raising various fees and creating new fees, such as fees on home-owners.
  • Increased anti-Second Amendment actions by Massachusetts, in part by dramatically increasing fees and regulations on gun buyers and owners.

As Republican candidate for President over the past four to six years, Romney has also advocated a VAT tax on top of all the other taxes we are already paying. He (and more importantly his wrecking crew) has viciously and falsely attacked all his Republican adversaries in ways only Alinskyites would love, by use of intentional lies, intentional hiding of the truth, and other methods. Romney is anti-Second, anti-Christian, anti-Life, anti-Liberty, anti-Constitution, anti-Conservative.

Romney cloaks his actions in the Tenth Amendment, which you can read in its entirety in my side-bar or find by following my link to the US Constitution, also in my side-bar. Romney is no Tenther. In any way. Unlike Rick Perry, who is a Bell Curve Tenther (not a real Tenther), Romney is only borrowing the mantle for his own political expediency.

And this is only scratching the surface of the great many ills the self-described “Progressive” (read Socialist) Mitt Romney has.

Mitt Romney seems to be experiencing a death-by-a-thousand cuts, many of them made possible by the copious video/documentary record of his 1994 challenge to Ted Kennedy. It’s Romney’s misfortune that outlets like C-SPAN are digitizing and making available to the public the footage from back then — because back then Romney was running to the left, not to the right. Today’s wince-inducing video clip (if you’re a Romney staffer, that is) is this NECN report from 2002 in which Romney brags, “I’m not a partisan Republican. I’m someone that is moderate, and my views are progressive”:

So, no, the Christian Conservative rejection of Romney has absolutely nothing to do with his Mormonism. In fact, much of what Romney pushed while Governor of Massachusetts was in direct violation of his Mormonism. The Christian Conservative rejection of Romney has everything to do with his anti-Constitutional anti-Christian Liberalism. The Christian Conservative position of the above-mentioned Church members who declared they’d stay home and not vote for Romney is partially supported here. I will not vote for a pro-abort, anti-second, anti-tenther “Progressive” such as Romney, ever. But I will vote down-ticket. What saved McCain in 2008, as far as I’m concerned is Palin. I voted for Palin and not for McCain. Romney will get no such saving grace. Period.

And it has nothing to do with his Mormon faith, which he has already rejected as Governor.

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12 Responses to ““Throw The Mormon Out””

  1. Angel said

    Romneybots love to accuse others of ad hominem attacks but yet they call Newt a fat corpulent womanizer with a [not on this site – ed] for a wife.

    They can dish it out but not take it.


  2. Angel said

    I know not on this website but your right Romneybots are such a vile [deleted – ed].


  3. Angel said

    Sorry for using that word.


  4. The offensive word has been deleted. Kindly read my about and comment policy pages before you meet the golden ban-hammer. I haven’t swung my ban-hammer in a good while and I’m itching to pick it up and swing it. (read my comment policy to understand that statement)


  5. Angel said



  6. Angel said

    I did and those seem like good rules.


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  9. Yorkshire said

    Mittens doesn’t fit into this story well. He’s more like a MINO from the way he’s treated the other candidates by just out spending them. What does the man stand for other than 3 versions of each position he takes.


  10. DNW said

    John writes,

    “Romney cloaks his actions in the Tenth Amendment, which you can read in its entirety in my side-bar or find by following my link to the US Constitution, also in my side-bar. Romney is no Tenther. In any way. Unlike Rick Perry, who is a Bell Curve Tenther (not a real Tenther), Romney is only borrowing the mantle for his own political expediency.”

    And from his explanatory link:

    “There is the Bell Curve Tenther, who believes the most power is in the hands of State governments, giving less power to both the Federal government and the Individual. This could also be considered a Letter of the Law Tenther. An example of such a position is Mitt Romney’s position on RomneyCare. It is okay for a State to mandate all its residents purchase a product but it is Unconstitutional for the Federal government to mandate it.”

    Being as perceptive and able to read between the lines as I am, I have detected that you feel less than positive about both Romney’s candidacy, and the “Tenth Amendment” argument.

    However without going back into old classroom notes and getting involved in a Talmudic kind of disputation over what the amendment means today in light of some number of Supreme Court precedents, your use of the term “Letter of the Law” as regards one particular flavor of “tentherism” is probably apt.

    One can in fact make a grudging argument that the actions of the State of Massachusetts legislature fell within the letter of, or at least the traditional understandings regarding, the intent or the sway and application of, the Federal Constitution.

    Obviously we all want to see as Incorporated those fundamental liberties we cherish; to see them protected against state government encroachment, as well as from the federal.

    But off the top of my head, I’d say that as much as I disagree with the mandate and find it as morally unconscionable as seat belt or helmet laws, a serious legal case can be made that if the Constitution of the State of Massachusetts allows it, it is lawful as a reserved power of that state, until such time as they themselves change their basic law.


  11. Except, a “letter of the law” rendering of the Tenth Amendment studiously avoids recognition of the final clause in the Amendment. While States Rights are the penultimate protection against an over-reaching Central Government within the Amendment, Individual Rights are the ultimate protection, as seen in the final clause (which was decidedly not an afterthought).

    I also explained those who are the most strident of Bell Curve Tenthers are also those in positions of power — or were in positions of power — within State Governments. And as the Bell Curve Tenther moves up the power ladder, his Bell Curve skews right along with him. Looking at it from a basis of Freedom, and in context with the rest of the Bill of Rights, it is clear that the Framers wanted as limited a government and as free a People as possible. Bell Curve Tentherism is contraindicated in that aim. Looking at it as a “Life and Liberty for the Individual” position, Bell Curve Tentherism and Big Central Government are identically destructive.

    So, Romney isn’t even trying to counterfeit the Real Deal; he is counterfeiting a weak counterfeit.


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