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No Comment at present …

Posted by DNW on 2012/01/27

Not to jump to any conclusions, but what a coincidence …

Counterfeit of John's Truth Before Dishonor blog is suspended

Counterfeit of John's Truth Before Dishonor blog is suspended

They must have forgotten to pay the bill?


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  1. Hube said

    What a coinkeedink!!


  2. DNW said

    It is certainly appropriate that the web host has – apparently – taken action to suspend the counterfeit “Truth Before Dishonor” dot com which was obviously and clearly intended to defame and cause harm to John’s reputation and Internet credibility.

    Perhaps the names of the perpetrators will come out without the requirement of a subpoena.

    What, if anything, the concurrent suspension of the other site might imply, is anyone’s inference at this point.


  3. Due to information I have, I can say with reasonable assurance that the down-time of those two domains are not tied to my actions. Would it were so, though.


  4. Hube said

    Maybe word got out you were considering legal action …?


  5. I more suspect they came to their annual service bill time and just missed it. I’m not ready just yet for the schadenfreude.


  6. DNW said

    That’s why we try not to jump to absolute conclusions, eh?

    Now, let’s suppose that the suspension of service is unrelated to your complaint, and that the Truth Before Dishonor fraud-site suspension, has nothing to do with the web-host wanting to do the right thing.

    If we took your surmise (and even my own question under the second image) as the likely explanation, the coincidence would remain. This is because I was not asserting certain knowledge of a causal relationship between your complaint and and the suspension of Truth Before and the Iowa Lib blog, but remarking on the oddness of those particular concurrent suspensions.

    If the suspension of the fake TBD site has nothing to do with your complaint, the coincidence of their ( and IL) simultaneous suspensions, remains.

    Many web sites are of course suspended everyday.

    But I would suppose that the concurrent suspension of one that targets you specifically, and another run by persons with a history of being antagonistic to you personally over your position on gay marriage, would be less probable.

    And it would be an incredible irony if by missing a payment, your antagonist on one blog had provided some reason to consider that the another account was also his.

    But of course all this speculation about the meaning or meaninglessness of coincidences could easily be cleared up if the owner(s) of the Fake TBD blog targeting you, would identify himself.

    And you’re right Schadenfreude, is always poor form.


  7. Dana Pico said

    I just accessed the Iowa Liberal, and it’s still up and running. I also accessed the spoof site, and it’s up and running as well. Sorry about that. However, if both sites were suspended at the same time, and then both returned to life at the same time, I would call that proof beyond a reasonable doubt that they are on the same account.

    It is possible that, since they apparently purchased their site name through, and are using a different site hosting service,, that their ownership of the site url lapsed rather than their hosting service. If that was the case, you could have purchased both names during the lapse.


  8. Dana Pico said

    On that last part, however, I own four urls, and they all come due at different times.


  9. Yorkshire said

    I just commented on Iowa Liberal. Guess thy’re alive. But I may be their first comment in weeks.


  10. AOTC said

    well, im no expert,..

    but.. you could get a redirect/suspend message during a window of time like that when a domain or domains pointed to a ‘new ‘ dns isp hosting server’ and the dns has not populated the globe yet. it can take a couple hours and in some cases longer depending on internet traffic.

    myself, when moving entire websites for friends and changing providers, i have seen that message and have experienced brief interruptions of service. it used to take awhile, now, one could do it without being noticed, almost.

    so, there is that.


  11. AOTC said

    well, too, one could suspend an index page(s) to clear out log pages etc, that would also return a suspension page as shown above also. so it might not have to be a dns new registration. time will tell.

    wow, imagine the odds, of hitting that window,

    dnw needs to play the lottery. lol


  12. Dana Pico said

    Yorkshire wrote:

    I just commented on Iowa Liberal. Guess thy’re alive. But I may be their first comment in weeks.

    IL maintains a “Recent Comments” widget on the sidebar, and the comment previous to York’s was on January 12th, or sixteen days ago. Even Perry doesn’t seem to visit there anymore.


  13. DNW said

    AOTC said
    2012/01/27 at 22:47

    well, too, one could suspend an index page(s) to clear out log pages etc, that would also return a suspension page as shown above also. so it might not have to be a dns new registration. time will tell.

    wow, imagine the odds, of hitting that window,

    dnw needs to play the lottery. lol”

    Maybe I should.

    In this case however, and I am going to ramble on a bit here about my own reasoning in this case, John had primed the subject matter pump and adjusted the timing of my attention to it, so to speak.

    I’ll accept some humorous credit for thinking to check the site of Dana’s “good friends on the left”, on doing a quick check of the site that was defaming John, and finding it was down too. But even the potential linkage between the two was not some independent deduction on my part, but due to remarks Dana had made some time ago, concerning a previous case of ID counterfeiting he had observed.

    The potentially relevant considerations which I have listed as items which might reinforce the current surmise – the homosexually themed focus of the attack on John, and the archness of the author’s style – would not constitute adequate elements of an inference, in my judgment, unless we sorted for relevance in the first place.

    And even John’s own redirection of attention to the matter of his Internet defamation case, was probably – and it’s just a guess here – in part the result of continuing instances of this kind of thing: the result I would expect of his both observing Perry’s incorrigible and menacing behavior on Dana’s site, and the recent cases in the mainstream news concerning Democrat party operatives engaging in fraud and impersonation..

    You have to wonder what kind of scruples these people do have, if they don’t halt at malicious impersonation and extortionate threats.

    But we’re all “fellow” Americans, eh?

    On one other thing: Dana, has generously, maybe, referred to the site as a “spoof”.

    Now, the term spoof has collected a couple meanings. One meaning refers to a parody. But the Internet impersonation of an individual for the purpose of falsely attributing opinions and attitudes and moral sentiments and character to him, is not a parody of exaggeration.

    Another meaning of the term “spoof” is a “forgery of goods or documents” or the engaging in of deliberate and malicious fraud, especially in regard to web-sites and identities.

    The latter is clearly the intent of; and the employment of a Domain By Proxy site registration indicates that this is no matter of innocent collegial fun, but an attempt to harm a particular individual.

    It also nicely pins the real-life moral character of author of the counterfeit. Can you imagine hiring or employing such a person in a position of any trust or responsibility?


  14. Dana Pico said

    DNW noted:

    the homosexually themed focus of the attack on John

    Assuming, as I certainly do, that the spoof site is a poor-humor dig at our esteemed host by Henry Whistler of the Iowa Liberal, I would point out that he's a big supporter of same-sex marriage, and views any criticism of homosexuality as abnormal or sinful or anything else along those line as bigoted and homophobic, and yet he seems to see trying to label someone whose opinions he dislikes as homosexual as a way of putting the target of his disaffection down.

    Nor is Mr Whistler the first of the libs I have seen use this tactic: the oh-so-inclusive denizens of the old Liberal Avenger blog — it's been gone for years now — primarily a Canuck styling himself Sirkowski, used to do the same thing. If one didn't know that liberals can't be hypocrites, one would be tempted to think that they were being hypocritical.

    I have thought about addressing this issue on TFSJ, but was concerned that it would simply bring more attention to the spoof site, so I let it go.


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