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Internet ID Theft, GoDaddy, Terms Of Service Violations

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/01/26

I just got done sending a take-down notice to GoDaddy. I am not a lawyer and I obviously did not employ a lawyer to write my message, but I sent it to GoDaddy, the service I allege one of the two Iowa Liberal administrators used to create the counterfeit Truth Before Dishonor site.

My notice to GoDaddy:

You sold the domain name “” to someone who intentionally counterfeited my site. He created his blogsite, Truth Before Dishonor, and his name “John Hitchcock”, later changed to “J. Hitchcock”, as a deliberate attack against my site and me. His whole intention was to steal my internet identity (in blog name and in author name, both) in order to defame me and cause harm to me. As his domain name and his author name are both intentional violations of your terms of services, I am requesting you immediately close his domain.

I am keeping a copy of this correspondence for future reference.

–John Hitchcock

And the pertinent part of GoDaddy’s TOS agreement:

ii You will not impersonate another User or any other person or entity, or submit content on behalf of another User or any other person or entity, without their express prior written consent.

iv You will not use this Site or the Services found at this Site in a manner (as determined by Go Daddy in its sole and absolute discretion) that:

Promotes, encourages or engages in defamatory, harassing, abusive or otherwise objectionable behavior

As the radical Leftist internet Identity Thief, counterfeiter, and defamer agreed when buying his counterfeit TBD domain, he would not do exactly what he intentionally did in buying the name and in using my name in his publishings. The low-life Leftist who did this did so in direct violation of GoDaddy’s Terms of Service Agreement, which is standard-issue boilerplate legal terms that can be found practically everywhere.

As DNW noted over on The First Street Journal, I am in fact holding two comments from the ID thief in moderation, in case I need to use them for any particular legal purposes. It is my intent to close down the fraudulent and counterfeit site that was created for defamatory purposes and in an attempt to reduce my internet footprint through use of internet identity theft.


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