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They Always Resort To Vicious Threats

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/01/23

And oftentimes, actually following through on their malicious threats.

It’s happened to Patterico.
It’s happened to Professor Jacobson.
It’s happened to many, many Conservative bloggers.

Some Leftist nutjob doesn’t like what a Conservative has to say on a blog, so the Leftist nutjob threatens that Conservative’s livelihood, and maliciously attempts to destroy that Conservative’s livelihood. I previously showed Zach Edwards’ attempt to do it to Iowa’s Republican Secretary of State (and Edwards could go to prison for it). Now, we have an example that hits far closer to home.

From the keyboard of the radical Leftist Perry Hood of the state of Delaware:

Is it possible, Mr Koolo, that you are as well a hypocrite. Yes you are, we all are.

It is a demonstrable fact on this blog that you are distracted and that you are obsessively nasty in your behavior, just exactly like Hube was, all so you can “take care of Wagonwheel”.

Instead of using your school time, I want you to devote said time and energy to your teaching and your students. It is that for which I am paying you. Then in the evening you are welcome to use your free time to come on here and disgorge yourself of all the venom which you can drum up, which I will then usually ignore, because most of your remarks are personal and truly inconsequential wrt having a meaningful debate and discussion.

How would it sit with you if I forwarded a copy of some of your daytime posts, with their time stamps, to your administration? I doubt very much if you are in truth proud of them, or taking school time to send them out, therefore you would not like that I’m sure. I simply don’t know how else to deal with a bully like you, Mr Koolo, who uses school time to send this stuff out. If you have no concern about the use of school time, and you are proud of all of your posts, then we have another more complex problem here.

Let’s keep it to debates and discussions, during personal free time at home, in which case strong disagreement is to be expected based on ideological grounds, like my disagreements with our Editor. This is what this blog is supposed to be all about, according to our Editor. If he won’t enforce his own rules uniformly, I will help him to do so, knowing that I myself have been out of line on occasion, and you too Mr Koolo.

Now get back to work, Mr Koolo! We are depending on you to do a top notch job in educating our children, without stupid distractions of extreme negativity on school time.

It is very clear that the radical Leftist Perry Hood, in his great hatred for Koolo’s communications, is threatening a malicious assault on Koolo’s livelihood in an attempt to shut Koolo up.

11 Responses to “They Always Resort To Vicious Threats”

  1. I expect the comment itself will be heavily edited or taken down, but in the meantime, here is the link.


  2. DNW said

    Poor Dana. Try as he might, he just cannot find a way to be both as inclusive as he would like, and maintain a civil discussion board at the same time.

    It’s because he’s trying to do the impossible: to maintain a dialog between people who are genuinely morally alien to one another.

    The “progressive way” is to use language as a method of waging war – meaning a “life and death serious” campaign for social leverage and dominance; ultimately sufficient to shaping the form of, and the outcomes within, the reproducing population – by means other than overt violence or open economic competition.

    Thus, a violation of some mere civility rule on his own part, is for Perry, merely the “addition of a little color” or a justifiable “push back” or a proper characterization of the “genetic” disposition of the conservative.

    For Perry, ends are not intrinsically right or wrong, nor are the means by which one gains them, either. That’s for you Christian absolutists. Properly understood, Perry style, it’s all just a matter of what you “feel” that you want; (which “feeling” is what defines you and your kind) and, the strategies that can most effectively be employed in getting it from the social relationships your can either attract or coerce.

    If liberals had muscles, it wouldn’t be about talk. It would then be just fine with them for all political decisions to be settled in the boxing ring. They don’t have muscles though, and if they tried to use them their eyeglasses would fall off. So they resort to other strategies which involve making sounds that will, they hope, lead others to believe that they are advocating a neutral system of universal rules which will apply to all participants indifferently.

    Then they sneak around breaking the rules and aggrandizing themselves and rigging the system to produce more of their kind.

    We should take them seriously when they say that as regards the status of morals, they are philosophical disciples of Darwin. They are indeed; and if conservatives would do liberals the very minimal honor of taking what they say about themselves seriously, these same conservatives would suffer many fewer of those repeated pratfalls which they experience when a smirking progressive jerks the chair away from underneath the not-quite-comprehending conservative for the umpteenth straight time.

    How many times does someone have to play the same trick on you before you finally get wise?


  3. AOTC said

    perry tiberius kirk.



  4. Foxfier said

    And folks wonder why I don’t just blog under my given name….


  5. DNW said

    Foxfier said
    2012/01/24 at 00:49

    And folks wonder why I don’t just blog under my given name….”

    Earnest and naive folks sometimes do, but they soon learn that the progressive type unfortunately sees debate as war by verbal means, and as a source of information for extracurricular and real-world subversion of the “enemy’s” welfare. And, that the progressive will if an ardent and activist type, sometimes act on those beliefs and views.

    Mike of Iowa Liberal’s, comical little episode of frivolous Internet obsessing over Midwestern wildlife and business consulting firms in his attempt to ferret out an identity, was one of the milder episodes I could recount.


  6. Foxfier said

    Those who don’t believe they have anyone who can be hurt, or who do opinions for a living tend to support it, too. A couple of idealists (note: I don’t think “idealist” is pejorative, it’s just a description) that think that a pseudonym is lying, too.


  7. Dustin said

    It’s getting pretty freaking old seeing these thugs do this same threat over and over.

    I guess it’s just a predictable way of shutting someone up (or at least trying).


  8. AOTC said


    ok, so, until moments ago, i was not aware of the cspt alter universe that recreated itself. i read the linked thread. yikes.

    my earlier star trek analogy over on the other thread is even more freaking genius now.


  9. Perry Hood, the radical Leftist from Delaware and not Rick Perry the Republican from Texas, went and got himself banned from TFSJ for 15 days.


  10. DNW said

    AOTC said
    2012/01/26 at 21:13


    ok, so, until moments ago, i was not aware of the cspt alter universe that recreated itself. i read the linked thread. yikes.

    my earlier star trek analogy over on the other thread is even more freaking genius now.”

    Can you imagine what it would be to inhabit a universe designed by the people who call themselves “liberals”? If we doubt that it would be all that bad for human freedom and choice – things their appropriation of the “liberal” name seems to advocate – all we have to see is what they try to create through their social management policies: a world of barely conscious pleasure seeking proles who never lift their heads up to ask ultimate questions, make judgements or take responsibility: A hothouse of pointless dysfunction, the eternal recurrence of the same.


  11. Hube said

    Perry is a flat-out POS. Kudos to Dana for doing what he did.


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