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They Always Resort To Vicious Threats

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/01/23

And oftentimes, actually following through on their malicious threats.

It’s happened to Patterico.
It’s happened to Professor Jacobson.
It’s happened to many, many Conservative bloggers.

Some Leftist nutjob doesn’t like what a Conservative has to say on a blog, so the Leftist nutjob threatens that Conservative’s livelihood, and maliciously attempts to destroy that Conservative’s livelihood. I previously showed Zach Edwards’ attempt to do it to Iowa’s Republican Secretary of State (and Edwards could go to prison for it). Now, we have an example that hits far closer to home.

From the keyboard of the radical Leftist Perry Hood of the state of Delaware:

Is it possible, Mr Koolo, that you are as well a hypocrite. Yes you are, we all are.

It is a demonstrable fact on this blog that you are distracted and that you are obsessively nasty in your behavior, just exactly like Hube was, all so you can “take care of Wagonwheel”.

Instead of using your school time, I want you to devote said time and energy to your teaching and your students. It is that for which I am paying you. Then in the evening you are welcome to use your free time to come on here and disgorge yourself of all the venom which you can drum up, which I will then usually ignore, because most of your remarks are personal and truly inconsequential wrt having a meaningful debate and discussion.

How would it sit with you if I forwarded a copy of some of your daytime posts, with their time stamps, to your administration? I doubt very much if you are in truth proud of them, or taking school time to send them out, therefore you would not like that I’m sure. I simply don’t know how else to deal with a bully like you, Mr Koolo, who uses school time to send this stuff out. If you have no concern about the use of school time, and you are proud of all of your posts, then we have another more complex problem here.

Let’s keep it to debates and discussions, during personal free time at home, in which case strong disagreement is to be expected based on ideological grounds, like my disagreements with our Editor. This is what this blog is supposed to be all about, according to our Editor. If he won’t enforce his own rules uniformly, I will help him to do so, knowing that I myself have been out of line on occasion, and you too Mr Koolo.

Now get back to work, Mr Koolo! We are depending on you to do a top notch job in educating our children, without stupid distractions of extreme negativity on school time.

It is very clear that the radical Leftist Perry Hood, in his great hatred for Koolo’s communications, is threatening a malicious assault on Koolo’s livelihood in an attempt to shut Koolo up.

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