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Is There a Dime’s Worth of Difference???

Posted by Yorkshire on 2012/01/15

Is there really that much difference between BO and Mitt Romney? These are the Establishment choices, and it appears the Establishment does not care who wins. As Ron Smith late of WBAL Radio talk show host for years has always said there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the parties. And it looks like this year they will get their puppet nominees.


4 Responses to “Is There a Dime’s Worth of Difference???”

  1. Yorkshire said

    Just saw Mark Levin on the Cavuto show. He nailed when he said we have basically an unaccountable 4th Branch of Government regulates everything we do. My thought on this 4th Branch has been created and any leader can hide behind the shield of regulations. What out there is not regulated? I read that the first half session of this Congress did next to nothing. I thought that was the best news the country could get. If Congress does nothing, there are no mandates for more regulations. If you think about it, you should cheer. The next thought is the 2,000 page Obamidible Care Bill has so far created 20,000 pages of regulations. Anyone in this country probably breaks dozens of regs per day. And remember, these writers of regs are virtually unaccountable to the citizens and voters. We can vote for leaders, we can vote for legislators, and we can vote on state levels for judges, but when have you ever voted for a regulator?


  2. mezcao said

    I actually believe Keeping Obama in office will help the right wing agenda more then then having Romney in office. If you look at what Obama has signed and done, a great majority of it would of never passed with a Republican president. Obama took big portions of what Bush did, put that on steroids and pushed it down the throat of congress without so much as a small protest by the democrats. Instead, we see the Republicans shifting more to the right then ever. I used to be republican, I used to be criticized for being a bit to far to the right back then. Nowadays I am called an extremist leftist while my positions have stayed almost identical

    Imagine if you would some the positions held by President Reagen
    “Bloody Thursday”
    Therapeutic Abortion Act (Government spending for abortions)
    Family Law Act (No fault divorce, and helped begin the skyrocketing of the divorce rate)
    Iran-Contra ( Still used as a propaganda tool against the U.S by muslim extremist)
    Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 ( Amnesty)
    War on Drugs (which by all accounts has failed since drugs are now cheaper, stronger and more readily available )

    Reagans stance on Abortion, Immigration, the Family Law act would have this Republican god thrown out of the Republican party.


  3. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, accepted by Reagan, is an example of a Republican trusting a Democrat’s promise and finding out the Democrats’ promises are worthless. Never again. I’ll say it again: Never again should anyone trust a promise a Democrat makes in order to compromise with a Democrat. It’s the whole Wimpy line: “I’ll pay you tomorrow if you give me a hamburger today.” Democrats never intended to keep their word but Republicans actually trusted Democrats to keep their word. It’s why Republicans are called the stupid party. They trust known liars to actually tell the truth.

    Reagans stance on Abortion, Immigration, the Family Law act would have this Republican god thrown out of the Republican party.

    There is a lot of FAIL in this logic-free sentence. The Amnesty of 1986 was Reagan trying to compromise with Democrats who lied through their teeth. Iran-Contra was Reagan working to get around an intransigent Democrat-controlled Congress to do the right thing in Latin America: defeat marxist tyrannies. And the war on drugs is only half-hearted, as foolish Liberals and foolish Libertarians want their drugs to be legalized. And any who call Reagan a “god” are exercising their abilities in rhetoric fallacies. Again, the entire sentence was logic-free and a total failure.


  4. You could have brought up the fact that Reagan agreed with the Democrat-controlled Congress to raise taxes, while the Democrats promised (there’s that issue again: Democrat promises) to cut 3 dollars of spending for every 1 dollar of higher taxes. But of course, you would have left yourself open, yet again, to the fact that the Democrats who made that promise never had any intention of actually cutting spending. They only made the promise of cuts later so they could get their tax increase now. They never had any intention of following through on their promises. But they’re playing that same game once again.


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