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Mia Love For Congress (Utah 4th District)

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/01/10

Truth Before Dishonor Officially Endorses Mia Love For US House Of Representatives (UT-4)

Mia Love is a gun-totin (concealed carry) TEA Party Constitutional Conservative. Her Issues Page runs through a very wide array of issues and her TEA Party Common Sense Constitutional Conservative stance on each and every one.

She wants to take power away from the bloated Central Government and return it to We the People, as the Founders and Framers set forth. She has a track record of reducing taxes and cutting spending (not just reducing the rate of growth), causing her city — in her position as the mayor — to improve its credit rating. What’s not to like? (HT Hot Air)

From Mia Love’s September 12, 2011 guest article at The Daily Caller, entitled CBC members stop demonizing tea partiers:

The principles reflected in the tea party are not at odds with the values of black Americans. You don’t have to be white — or black, or Hispanic, or Asian, or anything else — to care about the important issues facing our nation. My priorities of fiscal discipline, personal responsibility and smaller government draw upon my own experience as an American.

My parents immigrated to this country from Haiti with nothing but a strong family and a solid work ethic. My father, who took two jobs to help pay for my education, was a living example of personal responsibility. He is proud to say he didn’t take a handout. When I graduated from college, my father told me, “You will not be a burden to society. You will give back.”

We can no longer afford to keep spending money on programs that aren’t working. Trimming government and getting it out of the way of economic recovery is the best way to create jobs and wealth that enable people to pull themselves out of poverty.

Again, what’s not to like?

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