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1,000 Days

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/01/02

We are fast approaching the inglorious 1,000 day mark. No actual attempts by the Democrat-controlled Senate to write a Federal Budget for nearly 1,000 days. This despite the Constitutional imperative and the Federal Law requiring such.

In the run-up to the 2008 elections, Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat-controlled House and Harry Reid’s Democrat-controlled Senate refused to send a budget to Republican President George W Bush, waiting instead until Democrat Barack Obama was inaugurated. They then produced the most deficit-ridden, spend-happy budget in the history of the US. But since that April 2009 Budget — which was supposed to have been done before November 2008 — the Democrats have steadfastly refused to attempt to create a Budget.

As 2009 came to a close, there was no new Budget even proposed for upcoming 2010 from either of the Democrat-held Houses of Congress, and as 2010 came to a close, there was again no new Budget even proposed for upcoming 2011 from either of the Democrat-held Houses of Congress. The reason for their reluctance to do their Constitutional duty and their reluctance to obey Federal Law is very straight-forward: The Democrats feared if they produced a Democrat Budget plan, the national outcry to oust Democrats from office would be even greater than it already was.

In 2011, the new, Republican-controlled House of Representatives did their Constitutionally and Federally mandated duties and produced a Federal Budget, which they then sent to the Senate. And Harry Reid and his Democrat-controlled Senate refused to even attempt to obey Federal Law and the Constitution. Harry Reid refuses to even attempt a Budget despite being required by Law to do so. It has been over 975 days now since the last Budget was passed and it will be another 380 days before another Budget is even attempted in the US Senate.

And Democrats deign to speak about irresponsibility when they are so transparently irresponsible in their refusal to obey the Law? November, 2012 is looking better by the day.

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Reality suffers another setback

Posted by Hube on 2012/01/02

MSNBC talking head (and hero to our non-thinking nemesis, southern Delaware idiot Perry) Rachel Maddow demonstrates (again) she operates in a reality other than the one most others inhabit:

Yeah. That’s exactly right. We are not, we, there may be liberals on TV at MSNBC, but the network is not operating with a political objective. Whereas Fox is operating with a political objective to elect Republican candidates, and particularly, to elect Republican candidates Roger Ailes likes. I think Roger Ailes is a really good TV executive, but their operation is essentially a political operation to elect Republicans.

The sadly hilarious aspect of this utter nonsense is that way too many “progressives” really believe what Maddow says. Our idiot nemesis Perry does, as do the microcephalic dolts over at Delaware Liberal. Yet, I’ve rarely met a conservative who doesn’t readily admit that Fox News has a conservative bias. So, tell me — who’s operating with facts? Who’s existing in reality? Liberals or conservatives?

We are truly living in an age when people blatantly outright deny what their own eyes tell them.

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From Doug Ross’ 2011 Fabulous Fifty Blog Award Winners

Posted by Dana Pico on 2012/01/02

No, Truth Before Dishonor didn’t make it, nor did the now-defunct CSPT, or even the fledgling First Street Journal. And the Colossus of Rhodey didn’t win, either, but The Watchers’ Council, AKA The Watcher of Weasels, of which Hube, and the Colossus, are members, won the Best Blog-Ring award.

Of course, I think that Hube is going to demand a recount.

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