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El Marco Joins Truth Before Dishonor

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/12/14

Truth Before Dishonor is always looking for new authors to add to the stable. We have authors from The First Street Journal, Head Noises, The Colossus Of Rhodey, Caffeinated Thoughts, Newsbusters who all write sporadically for Truth Before Dishonor. Or more accurately, mostly cross-post their articles from one site to the other. I am an author on both The First Street Journal (although I’ve only authored one article there at this time. We’ll see how current events go.) and Caffeinated Thoughts. Since TBD has awakened out of its dormant stage, all my articles outside of TBD have been cross-posted from TBD. And, save for DNW’s articles, I expect practically all articles written by other than me to have been cross-posts from other sites.

Well, Truth Before Dishonor has added an accomplished citizen-journalist to its list of authors. El Marco of Looking at the Left has agreed to be an author on Truth Before Dishonor. Like the other authors, El Marco has the freedom to write about what he wants, when he wants. We have been assured he will write at least one article within the next ten years, and we’re holding him to that agreement. Otherwise, he won’t get paid the agreed amount (which is zero cents per word). Judging by the content at his site, we expect him to be a high quality yet highly sporadic author that the readers will enjoy.

One Response to “El Marco Joins Truth Before Dishonor”

  1. AOTC said

    looking forward to reading new posts from El Marco. i suspect as soon as the holidays are over and winter sets in there will be a lot more time to grab a hot beverage, a comfy chair and the laptop to spend some quality time with TBD. looking forward to it.

    i want to extend christmas greetings to everyone on this blog. please have a safe holiday, enjoy your families and loved ones. mr aotc has a routine appointment at cleveland clinic heart center a couple days after christmas. thanks in advance for prayers for him. love ya all!


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