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Sudden Interest In Gloria Steinem

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/12/10

So last night I examine my hit totals and I find a big surprise. Nearly 300 searches for Gloria Steinem hit my site. My Flag Counter said nearly all those hits were unique hits. Of course, since basically the only time I mentioned her was in a Rule 5 posting, the searchers didn’t find what they were searching for. Wondering why all the sudden interest in Gloria Steinem, I checked some of my resources. Scanning through my FaceBook and Twitter accounts, I found nothing that jumped out and said Gloria Steinem. Neither did Patterico’s Pontifications, Hot Air, The First Street Journal. Already today, nearly 100 more hits looking for Gloria Steinem has caused me to look at other sources of information I use. Nothing on The Other McCain, not even their “Live At” linkages. Legal Insurrection had nothing that stood out and said “Gloria Steinem”.

Surely, if Gloria Steinem had done something blogworthy in the past 36 hours, the above blogs would have said something. So I wondered to myself if the sudden heavy searching for Gloria Steinem was actually searching for Gloria Allred. The problem with that possibility is that none of my resources had said anything that jumped out Allred over the past 36 hours, either. So why this sudden interest in a whacked out and washed up ’60s reject radical Leftist?

Seriously, you searchers, what is the sudden jump in interest for her? I’d like to know.

4 Responses to “Sudden Interest In Gloria Steinem”

  1. Dana Pico said

    Well, 400 hits yesterday and 221 so far today, and you’ve boosted your daily average to 108. 🙂


  2. Roughly 250 search engine hits for Gloria Steinem yesterday and roughly 170 search engine hits for Gloria Steinem today. There has to be a reason for the sudden interest in the whacky moonbat. I just don’t know what it is.

    (Did you know Monbiot, from whom the term “moonbat” was derived, has moved into the neocon crowd after learning he was lied to for decades by his Liberal compatriots? Something I found intriguing a while back when I read it on neo-neocon’s site.)


  3. I don’t know, the numbers seem to have shifted a bit. Yesterday, there were more than 250 hits for her, but today, yesterday’s hits for her are around 250. Or maybe I need to get glasses.


  4. Dana Pico said

    Well, the sitemeter shows an even 400 visits on Friday, 241 for Saturday, and 13 this early on a Sunday morning. With your daily average now up to 137, now’s the time to start looking for advertisers, but I guess that you can’t on a site. 😦


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