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Lights Of The Season, Season 3, Part V

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/12/05

For the first time in three Seasons, I bring you a video below the fold. It is well worth your time to watch the video. Those who have looked for this sort of thing already know of the Holdman light shows and already rave about them. Those of you who don’t know of the Holdman light show are in for a very pleasant surprise. Below the fold, you will find the entire package, the entire 2010 Holdman light show that ventures from techno to 50s music (40s music maybe?) and from Christian to not-Christian.

Mister Holdman himself has offered to send you a DVD of his 2010 light show, with one small catch. He wants you and a ten-spot to part ways. That’s right, his light show has the added benefit of parting people from their hard-earned cash. Let me quote directly from him.

Uploaded by holdmanchristmas on Dec 23, 2010

The complete Holdman Christmas Light Display for 2010 after a fresh snow storm. By request I am now offering this on DVD when you make a $10 donation to Make-a-Wish. Go to

And there you have it. With further research, you’ll find out that the Holdman light show has, for multiple years, had separating you from your greenbacks as a key motivating factor. But there’s more than that, obviously. He wants your money to go to charity (and not to him) and he’s willing to spend a little of his money (on things like electric bills) in order to get a few of you to cough up the money to help oftentimes terminally ill children.

And now, on to the video.

Oh, one last thing. Do consider coughing up the twin fivers for the video. It goes to a good cause. And besides, what you get is far more than you gave.


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