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Eight Days Of Hannukkah

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/12/03

My Lights of the Season series is never complete without Eight Days of Hannukkah. All three Seasons now, with this publishing, the song has been included. It was very late the first year, but I’ve made up for that. Here’s what I wrote on Common Sense Political Thought (a now archive-only site which is definitely good for research) last year (with a YouTube substitute for a Vimeo video):

I missed out on marking Hannukah last year, posting my article in early January. Well, Hannukah is quickly approaching, December 2 – 9, so I’m putting out my Hannukah article this year on time. (Yes, it’s a reprint of the last one, with a couple minor changes.)

That moonbat Jeff and his Opinions Nobody Asked For site has a wonderful article that I wish I saw during the season but I didn’t so I’m posting it now even though it’s late and is this a long enough run-on sentence for you yet? Okay, Jeff’s article is good, maybe not wonderful, but he leads to a wonderful article and provides a very uplifting song that I quite enjoy.

What else can you say about a song written by a Mormon Senator from Utah with the music written by a Jewish writer of Christian Contemporary music and sung by a Syrian woman from Indiana with backup vocals by Jewish children and the Mormon Senator other than take a listen and be uplifted?

We here at Truth Before Dishonor are Conservative. We are predominantly Christian. That means beyond any shadow of a doubt we are pro-Israel and pro-Jew. This uplifting Hannukkah song is merely a representation of our love for the Jews and for Israel, and a gift to all who visit, Jew or Gentile.

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Lights Of The Season, Season 3, Part III

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/12/03

I would never buy the music, not on a dare, but I have to admit the choreography is first rate.

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