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Now, how did this work out?

Posted by Dana Pico on 2011/11/17

PFC Pico is home a day early, because she has a three-day Reserve drill at Fort Indiantown Gap, for Advanced Rifle Marksmanship. She needs her Class As not this drill but for her December drill. So, SPC Pico is standing in the dining room, wearing PFC Pico’s uniform jacket, while Mrs Pico is sewing her chevron on the sleeve, and PFC Pico is sitting there, playing video games.

I took off before my darling bride decided to stab me with the needle.

9 Responses to “Now, how did this work out?”

  1. Yorkshire said

    Now Dana, calling PFC Pico a hoe is something I would neve have expected from you 🙂


  2. Dana Pico said

    It was a typo! I fixed it.


  3. Yorkshire said

    I knew, but I had to yank your chain.


  4. Dana Pico said

    PFC Pico is having fun at drill: she texted me, saying, “I just shot a .50 cal and a Mark 19. It was probably the most awesome range I’ve ever been to.”

    The Mark 19 automatic grenade launcher.


  5. AOTC said

    sounds like great fun.

    mr aotc and i are thinking of going regularly to the range and brush up on the skill.

    i doubt we will fire any grenade launchers any time soon though… lol


  6. Dana Pico said

    Oh, y’all should practice with grenade launchers! SPC Pico had a big smile on her face when she described it: you go pow pow pow and then you get to see and hear boom! boom! boom!

    I’m trying to figure out how the little girl who played with dolls — and GI Joe “action figures” were not amongst them — and took 14 years of ballet turned into the one who loves blowing up things.


  7. Dana Pico said

    And why is Barbie a doll but GI Joe is an “action figure?”


  8. Yorkshire said

    I remember the picture of the girls posing in their Tutu’s


  9. Dana Pico said

    PFC Pico also requalified, and is now a Sharpshooter; her sister had already made Sharpshooter.


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