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Ohio Issue 2 And 3 Vote Analysis And Governor Kasich Response

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/11/09

Last night, Ohio Issue 2 went down in defeat while Issue 3 was victorious. Almost immediately after the outcome was decided, and well before all the counting had been completed, Governor Kasich sent me an email.

The final unofficial results show Issue 2 failed 39 percent to 61 percent, with those voting for Issue 2 numbering 1,351,543 and those voting against Issue 2 numbering 2,143,792. 5 of the 88 counties reached above 50 percent yes votes, while in 1 more county, the yes vote won a 50/50 margin. In 3 additional counties, the yes vote lost a 50/50 margin. That means the 79 other counties contributed an even more lopsided defeat.

The Public Employee Unions spent millions of tax-payer dollars to defeat Issue 2, and not just Ohio tax-payer dollars, but Pennsylvania tax-payer money, California tax-payer money, Massachusetts tax-payer money, … You get the picture. Because all Public Employee Union dues are tax-payer dollars. Every last cent of them. PEUs won the ability to continue extorting exorbitant benefits packages and pay packages that are head and shoulders above that of the private sector workplace that pays them.

What does this mean for Ohio, moving forward? It means fewer teachers, fewer firefighters, fewer police officers at higher costs. Because the State, local municipalities, public school districts will need to find a different method to reduce their costs than to bring PEU benefits packages closer in line with the average Joe’s benefits package. And that means reducing the workforce. And possibly even increasing taxes on the backs of the people who are already over-taxed and over-burdened as it is. It means a less business friendly environment and less economic opportunity in Ohio, at a time when Ohio is just starting to turn the corner on a very bad economic condition created by Big Government, anti-business folks who came before Governor Kasich.

And it means what progress was started in 2011 will be stymied at just the time the current President needs Ohio growth for the 2012 election. Can you say “pyrrhic victory”? Because that’s ultimately what this will be for the Democrats and their Union cohorts.

Issue 3 is a different matter. Issue 3 was the direct result of ObamaCare, a counter to ObamaCare, an attempt to bring ObamaCare to a screeching halt. And it was passed in dramatic fashion. In fact, it was passed in a much more dramatic fashion than the Issue 2 failure. Issue 3 passed 66 percent to 34 percent, with the final unofficial vote count being 2,219,717 for and 1,162,731 against. This spells trouble for Democrats come the 2012 election cycle. Republicans can use ObamaCare against Democrats running for office and that will harm Democrat chances. But the county-by-county numbers are even worse for the Democrats, as not a single county voted against Issue 3. Not even the solidly Democrat counties. Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) voted 58 percent to 42 percent in favor of Issue 3. Lorain County (Lorain, big city suburb of Cleveland and home to a Ford assembly plant) voted 65 percent to 35 percent in favor of Issue 3. Summit County (Akron, think steel and Firestone tires) voted 64 percent to 36 percent in favor of Issue 3. Stark County (Canton, next-door neighbor to Akron and home of Pro Football Hall of Fame) voted 66 percent to 34 percent in favor of Issue 3. Franklin County (Columbus, Ohio’s Capitol with Ohio State University and Nationwide Insurance) voted 59 percent to 41 percent in favor of Issue 3. No county voted Issue 3 down.

Issue 2 will effect 2012 but in reverse fashion and behind the scenes. The defeat of Issue 2 will bring economic and tax harm to Ohio, driving people to vote more Republican in the 2012 elections. But Issue 2 won’t get the blame. Issue 3 will directly effect 2012 as it will be the proof needed for Republicans to hammer Democrats on their support of ObamaCare when 2/3 of Ohio voters declared Ohio needed an anti-ObamaCare Constitutional Amendment to stop the Democrat leadership from doing what it did.

All in all, don’t expect Obama to win Ohio in 2012. In fact, expect Sherrod Brown to have a very difficult time being re-elected to the US Senate. And expect Democrats to not gain any ground in the US House out of Ohio.

4 Responses to “Ohio Issue 2 And 3 Vote Analysis And Governor Kasich Response”

  1. Just to be clear on Issue 3. This will definitely head to court if ObamaCare doesn’t come crashing down first.

    Issue 3 is an amendment to Ohio’s Constitution. It makes it unconstitutional to require a person purchase health insurance. It makes it unconstitutional to fine a person or corporation for not purchasing health insurance. It makes it unconstitutional to levy a fine for purchasing top-of-the-line health insurance (such as the 40 percent surcharge for Cadillac plans ObamaCare levies).

    If ObamaCare does not come crashing down at SCOTUS — as it darn well should — then Ohio’s Constitution and a Federal Law will clash, bringing the Tenth Amendment into play.


  2. Yorkshire said

    Issue 2 should have read “Raise my taxes and support Union Dues with My money”, then vote “Yes”. And the othe side of Issue is let the people control the cost of Government by starving the Union Dues Beast that siphons my tax dollars by voting “No”. It was clear as day what they did, but I guess they have spare money to throw away on higher taxes. Kasich said I got you out of the hole you dug, and we’re not going to uncover it again. You’re on your own.


  3. It is my understanding our good friend in charge of AFL-CIO went around telling everyone if they didn’t vote for it, the police wouldn’t come for emergencies, neither would the fire departments nor the ambulances. The Unions spent 30 million dollars in scare-tactic advertising, then trucked in a bunch of their goons for get out the vote work. The opposition only mustered 5 million dollars.

    Like I said, that 30 million dollars spent in Ohio came out of the pockets of Pennsylvanians such as Dana Pico, Californians such as the pretty Dana, and everywhere else. From what I understand, Ohio teachers (closed shop, forced union members, many in direct opposition to their own will) were charged a one-time 54 dollar fee for this very particular campaign. Something about it not being called “dues” because that would trigger some other legal issues and they wouldn’t be able to charge it. Really hinky, from my understanding.


  4. ashkicker said

    “The Public Employee Unions spent millions of tax-payer dollars to defeat Issue 2”

    i guess you believe because tax dollars pay the salary of the public worker, tax dollars then were used against Issue 2. Once I cash the check that I WORKED for, that money is mine, no longer the taxpayers.

    Unless you believe I take my paycheck and buy drugs and the taxpayer is responsible for supplying drug money and therefor committing a crime also, don’t keep spreading this drivel.


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