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Posted by Yorkshire on 2011/11/08

Today in the happenings of the world, we have OWS harassing vendors for free food and having fights, and at OWS more rapes are being talked about amoung other crimes, We have Obama and Sarkozy bad mouthing the PM of Israel, and another accuser of Herman Cain comes along towing Ambulance Chaser Extraordinaire Gloria Aldred.

So, which of these stories is followed closely by MSM, otherwise know as the LSM? There’s no prize since we all know the answer.

2 Responses to “Priorities”

  1. AOTC said

    a few thoughts about the cain issue:

    it appears to me, herman cain has given us a clear choice. he has left us to choose whether he is innocent or pathologically insane. he hasn’t left many other possibilities,no middle ground. i find that interesting.

    while watching the media fallout on tv, blogs, and social media, i think the overlooked collateral damage is the resulting newly inflamed gender war. i suppose since the class warfare thing is going on quite swimmingly right now it only stands to reason one more dividing wedge in our citizenry is par for the course.

    ‘feminist’ women made a huge mistake being co-opted into the victim status ideology. they in turn raise sons who think women are victims, daughters who consider themselves in victim/oppressed status.. and on it goes. i can only guess the psychological confusion boys and girls must go through these days. boys are presumed guilty right out of the gate, girls are on the offense. incessant opposition and tension is cultivated between men and women, neatly packaged in the doctrine of the oppressed class. ironically this hides any authentic oppression that occurs by diluting it with fabricated.

    wouldn’t it be great if kids at least had a good example provided by their parents, aunts uncles, family acquaintances of how men and women ought to treat each other in a relationship and what is appropriate outside of those relationships. perhaps if liberal ideology had not been in the business of encouraging the fragmenting of families for the past several decades we might see better results.

    what a mess. i wonder if it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.


  2. Hoagie said

    Well, Sunday “in the happenings of the world’, my friend Tony closed his pizza joint near Zucotti Park “until further notice”. I noted on CSPT how his rest rooms were being vandalized but now the “movement” has taken a turn.

    Last Friday he arrived at his store to find the front door smeared with poop. I poop you not! The door handle and the glass smeared with poop. That meant that before he could open he and his employees had to clean and disinfect, with bleach, the entire front of house. Floors, walls, windows, counters, chairs, tables etc., etc. He ended up opening at 1pm rather than 11am. IOW, he missed his lunch crowd, only about $1,000 worth of business.

    Saturday at about 3:45am he was called by the alarm company to the store. He arrived to find a bicycle had been tossed through one of his windows and someone had tried to steal the ATM machine.

    He told me people had bee

    ….Sorry, somethings wrong here, I can’t see what I’m typing because my “link” is projected over the comment. Anyway all last week he was being stolen from by fleabaggers. They would reach around the counter and steal pizzas and strombolis from the display. Complete with the 20″ pizza trays (they cost about $15 each). He lost about 30 pies and trays. They also threatened and tried to strong arm one of his delivery guys and when that didn’t work they slashed the tires on his bike.
    So Tony called in the glass people and boarded up all his windows and is now on “vacation” till this nonsense ends. That means the last of his 20-something employees is now out of work. Good job 99%’ers.


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