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Arizona Recall Election

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/11/08

Republican Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce faces a recall election. Pearce is best known for being the architect of Arizona’s immigration law.

In Arizona, Republican state Sen. Russell Pearce, architect of the immigration law that thrust the issue into the national political debate, faces a recall that could throw him out of office. The Republican attempting to defeat him has made immigration a constant theme, but Pearce has a 3-to-1 fundraising advantage.

As of 9:05pm local time, the SEIU-backed Jerry Lewis has apparently defeated Russell Pearce. With all 16 precincts reporting, Jerry Lewis gained 10,816 votes for 53 percent of the vote to Russel Pearce’s 9,188 votes for 45 percent of the vote.

3 Responses to “Arizona Recall Election”

  1. cbmc said

    It’s weird how when union money is involved in an election, that’s really interesting to you, but when the Koch brothers are bankrolling the entire thing, it doesn’t get any comment at all


  2. It’s weird how the Liberal Lie spreads among the ignorant when the Truth is so readily available. I’ve already reported on the Top 140 political campaign contributors.

    90 percent or more to Democrats — 21, with the top 2 and 4 of the top 10 ranked donors
    80 to 89 percent to Democrats — 12, with 3 of the top 10 and 5 of the top 12 ranked donors
    70 to 79 percent to Democrats — 6, the top donor ranked 5th
    60 to 69 percent to Democrats — 5, the top donor ranked 25th
    50 to 59 percent to Democrats — 15

    90 percent or more to Republicans — 3, the top donor ranked 70th
    80 to 89 percent to Republicans — 6, the top donor ranked 30th
    70 to 79 percent to Republicans — 10, the top donor ranked 23rd
    60 to 69 percent to Republicans — 26, the top donor ranked 17th
    50 to 59 percent to Republicans — 34

    Where do those “evil” Koch brothers — who are Libertarian and not Conservative — fit in? Koch Industries is ranked 82nd, with 88 percent to Republicans and 11 percent to Democrats.

    It’s weird how Liberals have to ignore the Truth of this chart, among a long list of other numbers Liberals have to ignore in order to continue with their lies.

    The chart above, from Open Secrets, shows the outrageously disproportionate political power of Unions, with their captive members helping pay for the political power against their will, and the grossly disproportionate political funding for Democrats. Of course, looking at the chart, the numbers get even more egregious. Members of AFSCME (number 2 on the list), SEIU (number 5), NEA (number 6), AFT (number 10), and IAFF (number 29) all get their paychecks courtesy of the taxpayers; therefore, their Union dues and consequently all political campaign money are taxpayer dollars. So, every taxpayer in America is paying taxes to support very powerful Unions’ political campaign activities — that are almost exclusively pro-Democrat in activity. Obviously, the above-listed Unions are not the only Unions in the top 33. There are many other Unions, which also almost exclusively give to Democrat causes — from a position of less than 12 percent of the public.

    It’s also weird how the Socialist One-World-Government-desiring Nazi collaborator and convicted insider trader George Soros outspends the Koch brothers by orders of magnitude on political matters, but the Liberals are unable to recognize that.

    So, don’t bring your “Koch brothers” garbage to this site. Don’t infest this site with your lies, because you dishonor yourself. Beyond that, we’re not the ignorant fools you need in order for your lies to be believable.


  3. Attention, TBD readers:

    cbmc has previously admitted he doesn’t go to Conservative sites for intellectual debate; he goes to snark. So don’t try to engage him in any intellectual debate, just point and mock. Or do as I did and shine the light of Truth on his lie-filled snarks and then point and mock derisively. Until he shows he’s interested in an honest debate (which will likely be the 30th Tuesday after NEVER), don’t even bother wasting energy trying to enter into a discussion with the blithering idiot.


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