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Just A Reminder

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/11/07

I think now would be a good time to remind visitors to TBD — old and new alike — about my strong advice to read my “about” and “comment policy” sections. Dana didn’t ban anyone from CSPT so far as I understand; I have already banned at least 2 from TBD (Ben Hoffman, the foul-mouthed guy who ran around with his name linked to Drudge ReTort, and Robert L Hymers, Jr, about whom everyone experienced with Little Miss Atilla has already been warned.)

I’m an unabashed attack dog. I can handle raucous, as can this site. But there are things I deem out of line, which are covered in the aforementioned sections of TBD.

Now, I’m going to pick on AOTC. Since this is the age of Women’s Lib (actually, that happened in the 70s and 80s) and equal rights and equal responsibilities and no difference between the genders (my choice, Foxfier, because I prefer not to use the proper term), I’m all in on that count. I have no problems sucker-punching a woman, or kicking her when she’s down. Equal treatment and all that. So, since AOTC’s down, Ima kick her.

When I moved to Texas, I brought my two dogs with me. My Great Dane, Duchess (my gravatar), and my German Shepard, Nastia, both pedigreed. When they played around together, they got raucous. Lots of barking, growling, snarling, attacking, fighting, but no blood. Never any blood. They were safely violent with each other.

My daughter had a dog. His name was Titan, because he thought he was one. And he decided he was going to join in and be master of the back yard against the biggest dog in the yard. That would be Duchess. So, Titan barked, snarled, growled, viciously attacked Duchess. And I swear, I heard Duchess laugh at him. You see, Titan is a Miniature Pinscher (and my daughter is peeved someone snagged him and kept him for themselves). How did Duchess handle Titan? She nuzzled him play-aggressively (her head was bigger than Titan’s entire body), put her front leg on his back in a classic wrestling move, and over-all, just bantered gently with the china doll. Size, ability, fragility mattered to Duchess (and I still miss her): if you were little, she treated you like a china doll but if you were bigger than her, she gave as much as she got, if not more. And humans were measured the same way: little kids got the gentle motherly treatment; grown adults who showed an interest in rough-housing got beat up; all who were placid got placid back. (yeah, that’s a sidebar) The point is, Duchess knew the size of things and the level of aggression in play she could use whereas Titan thought he was all that and a box of rocks.

The point of the story is… AOTC is feeling bad, thinking she over-Titaned things over at CSPT while mixed with all the Duchesses and Nastias (and a couple feral dogs) in da howse.

You want raucous, you can have raucous over here. But if you bring raucous, also bring logic. And also bring the knowledge this is a Conservative blogsite first and foremost. This is not a free-speech zone. This is my house. And all of you are my guests. My stable of authors are very privileged guests. I am the only administrator here, meaning I am the only one with the golden banhammer. But most of my privileged guests have editing authority, so they can delete or allow comments as they see fit.

Knowing each of my stable of authors as I do, it would actually take some work for them to make like Houdini with a third-party comment. Because they all like seeing contrary opinions if logically or common sense based or grounded in accurate history or the like. As do I. Jeff, aphrael, Matt — You Liberals who are always wrong but always argue in good faith (at least as I have experienced your arguments), I’m talking to you. I do not want an echo chamber, nor do any of my stable of authors.

But I’ll be danged if I’ll let this place be overrun by passive-aggressive Socialists, outright Socialists — both of which lie just as easily as they breathe — or Liberals who have no problem with Identity Theft in order to augment their Defamation of Character. Or 9-11 Truthers. Or “Bush stole the election” idiots. Those types of people can kindly sod off as they will find their stay here artificially truncated.

Oh, by the way, “raucous” does not mean “swearing”, I guarantee. Look the terms up. You’ll find they are not synonymous. A couple of my authors have gotten away with using words in my moderation filter because they’re authors. I wouldn’t doubt on a rare occasion, I, too, have gotten away with it, dang me. As my naive-to-the-world mother says, “If you can’t think of a word instead of a swear word, you’re not very intelligent.” And on that point, she’s right. People use swear words because they’re not smart enough not to. And when I get my Irish up, I can be pretty darned stupid in that regard. But common, everyday, throwaway swear words (such as dealing with the final results of the digestive system in action or inappropriate vernacular for body parts (AOTC, I’m looking at you and your sig-link (where I made the special effort to alter my mod filter))) still find their way into moderation. And will, 93 times out of 100, be altered in order to get permitted.

Politics is rough-and-tumble. I realize that, and I play within that parameter. But if you’re too far gone, you can choose to self-regulate or leave; or, failing those two, you can choose to watch me ban you or watch my authors delete your comments.


For those astute readers, there is plenty of humor mixed in with the boom-hammer warning of the ban-hammer. But of course, it’s Hitchcock humor. Only an elite mind can appreciate all the nuances and jocularity of it. But there will be strangers who wish to believe they have an elite mind who will claim to have understood.

I’m not a snob.
Ask anyone.
Anyone who counts.

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  1. AOTC said

    your analogy reminds me of Chester and Spike.

    maybe i should change my avi and handle to “chester”



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