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Hit The Tip Jar

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/11/07

As Dana Pico mentioned, my personal and professional time have expanded greatly to eat up my overall time. I will not go into detail as undisclosed reasons make very clear (hey, pollutico can use undisclosed sources for undisclosed allegations of undisclosed activities and undisclosed words and undisclosed gestures of a certain disclosed Presidential candidate and still maintain the facade of a serious, honorable site among the unwashed masses).

Let’s start with HEY, EVERYONE, I GOT A JOB!!!

I have a temp-to-hire job where I make barely above minimum wage for the next 3 months, and then a full dollar-per-hour raise. And longer term, a substantial opportunity for advancement.

But here’s my problem:

I currently have a very substantial support structure which will vanish within a very few short months. When I moved to Texas, I had 2-year Ohio tags on my car, which expire exceedingly soon. Ohio doesn’t have inspection but Texas does, and my car would never, in the time I owned it, passed the current Texas inspection. I have never had high beams. The switch doesn’t “click”. Not only are high beams part of the Texas inspection, the indicator light for those high-beams are part of the inspection. My windshield wipers work when they want to and don’t work when they don’t want to. And I have an exhaust leak. Those are three fails that I know of.

To add insult to injury, Saturday night, one of my 10-year-old tires decided to shred its sidewall, so now I have to replace it immediately and my car requires tires that run over 100 apiece (my only vehicle is a 1994 Camaro Z28 I bought in 2001). And all 4 tires should be replaced due to their age and the Texas environment. And now the donut needs replaced because I’m using it for my 80-mile round-trip for work.

On top of that, my new income from my new job is too low for decent housing, let alone in a place where crime is a four-letter word. But shortly, I should be able to afford just that. But tomorrow isn’t here and will never get here. I have to deal with today.

Rather than deal with the government stealing money from the top half of the population to give freebies to the bottom half of the population, I am depending on folks to give to a needy cause because it’s the right thing to do.

5 Responses to “Hit The Tip Jar”

  1. Foxfier said

    *fuss* Hope you can make it work….


  2. Yorkshire said

    We have the same issues in PA. To add to your pile, they check brakes by pulling one tire from the front and opposite side in the back, and measure the pad thickness, plus they put the monitor on the engine sensor reader to determine emissions. I need 4 tires too. I guess expecting 70,000 miles on a 50,000 mile tire is too much. We just had a new Mr. Tire open nearby and I got a $20 inducement to go there. At least their posted price is “on the rim, and out the door”.


  3. AOTC said

    tires. what a ripoff.

    just bought 4 of those about a week ago.

    john, we had a 95 firebird. just sold it about 3 years ago. we bought it new and put very few miles on it. that was a fun car. and it took a weird stock size of tire. 65’s if i remember right. and they don’t tend to discount them.

    what a great car. ill have to dig up a pic of the ole’ bird.


  4. Foxfier said

    One thing I love about living on the left coast– Les Schwab. I’ve only ever heard of one— in Bend, OR, that tried to screw over my sister– that sucks; their tires tend to be very good quality.


  5. I want to thank the generosity of those who hit the tip jar. I won’t name names because that would be inappropriate, you know who you are, but I wanted to let you know I definitely appreciate your help.


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