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CSPT has closed

Posted by Dana Pico on 2011/11/06

With the closing of my original site, Common Sense Political Thought, I will be blogging on Mr Hitchcock’s site somewhat more frequently. Our esteemed host has been busier of late in his personal and professional life, and thus has been able to contribute less, and I will attempt to take up some of the slack, as he has done for me when I was too busy to maintain CSPT, but I do not want to be seen as somehow “taking over” TBD. I’m certain that Mr Hitchcock would appreciate some additional help from the other co-bloggers here, Yorkshire, DNW, Foxfier and Hube. (I hope I haven’t left anybody out!)

One thing I do know is that Mr Hitchcock was proud of the slow but steady increase in readership on TBD, and help from anybody and everybody will certainly be appreciated.

16 Responses to “CSPT has closed”

  1. Foxfier said

    *double-take* What ha?!?! Google reader goes screwy and I don’t visit my RSS feeds for a week, and all unholy breaks loose…..

    While I must admit that I thought CSPT was a bit too much an example that freedom requires shared values/assumptions for my taste (hat tip to Mr. Derbyshire for that observation) I’m sad to see you pull the plug.

    That said, I don’t think you’ll take over the site by any means!


  2. Sorry to see CSPT go. CSPT has had its own dedicated tab and tab position everytime I restart my computer for over 2 years now.

    As far as taking over TBD, ain’t gonna happen. While CSPT has/had multiple “administrators” — “there’s your problem” (at least part of it) — one of whom being me, TBD has only a single administrator so all the remaining contributors serve at my whim, without the power to “take over” (not that any would have the evil to try). So yeah, Dana, if you want to post 6 articles a day, more power to ya. And as far as space in the TBD library goes, it tells me “we have this 10-room library for you but your stuff only occupies this portion of that corner over there.”


  3. Yorkshire said

    My last straw was Perry rewriting my post without asking, saying or consulting me for what he wanted to do. It really pissed me off. And what I remember of Ayn Rand’s Fountain Head, when Gary Cooper lost control of his design, he blew the place up. So, Dana, probably feeling he lost control of unwritten rules of civility and respect, figuratively, blew up CSPT. Dana, respect is a one-way street in Blogging. Do it as I say, or take a hike. Afterall, you’re paying the bills, not those who trampled their own lack of Goodwill and Honesty.


  4. AOTC said

    cspt was a great conservative blog with excellent authored content. its a dang shame.

    free speech is only free due to those who paid for it, (there is no such thing as free, SOMEBODY pays) they deserve deference and respect. cspt was danas blog, he ‘paid’ for it. for the record, i have deeply regretted my contribution to the rancor there. im sorry dana.

    i look forward to your excellent articles here now.


  5. Hoagie said

    Yorkshire, are you saying “Dana shrugged”?


  6. DNW said

    I was going to suggest that you just give it a break for a while yet leave the site up pending. Then I looked at your site and someone had already suggested just that.

    Your attempt to provide an absolute free speech zone on your blog provides an instructive lesson in the functional difference between allowing someone to say whatever they want via the “negative right” formulation (Mr, Obama thinks is so Constitutionally inadequate) and positively providing them, at your cost, a roost and an audience.


    Personally I can’t imagine how you regularly managed to produce so much material, in such a finished a form.

    You provided a great deal of content directed at a fairly narrow front – practical, everyday politics.

    That focus, as AOTC has already pointed out in previous remarks on this site, naturally resolved to policy considerations, rather than more abstract questions of ideology or the philosophy of politics, per se.

    You usually highlighted a topic, implicitly mooting a question; which basically asked regarding the potential political solutions to a problem whether this or that approach contributed to the enhancement of freedom and individual liberty, and worked to maintain traditional Constitutional and American values, or not.

    A substantial portion of your readers however reject those very goals as meaningless, or outdated, or uncongenial to their own aims.

    When the people joining in the forum don’t even share basic life values, or notions of what constitutes right or wrong, truthfulness and candor, nor even whether such considerations are worth regarding, reasoned discussion about practical means of achieving them becomes problematical.

    How can you discuss the best route to take on a journey when it cannot be agreed that the journey itself is justified much less the goal?

    By advancing such Constitutional ends as a predicate, your predication and the vehicle for its propagation became itself the target of an at least informal subversion. The squabbling was just the echo of a battle that had already been waged against your site on another level.


  7. Yorkshire said

    Hoagie said
    2011/11/07 at 08:56
    Yorkshire, are you saying “Dana shrugged”?

    It was John Galt’s fault. 🙂


  8. AOTC made me write an article. And it’s all because of what AOTC said. 😛

    But man, do I enjoy reading a DNW comment (or ARTICLE). Only DNW can cause a grilled swiss on rye sound elite and esoteric. I feel like a witness to one of King Solomon’s courts. Logic and common sense dressed up in a top-hat, tails, waistcoat, traveling behind a 10-horse team, whilst discussing reg’lar stuffs.


  9. AOTC said

    lets see… if dnw is logic ‘dressed up in a top hat and tails’.. this reduces my garb down to ‘barn boots and a pitchfork’. heh


  10. Foxfier said

    Dibs on a sneekers, farm jeans and a t-shirt! (When I’m feeling fancy, I even have some shirts that are fitted!)


  11. Rovin said

    Dana Pico is a great writer and I will miss CSPT. I would suggest however that Dana take the winter off and come back rejuvenated in the spring, and with a little “teeth” to rein in the out of control commenters.


  12. ropelight said

    Sorry to find CSPT closed. I enjoyed my time commenting theare. My thanks to Dana and best regards to all my friends.


  13. Yorkshire said

    Ropelight, Rovin go here


  14. Dana Pico said

    Yeah, but stay here, too!


  15. AOTC said

    hey rope!

    how’s it going?


  16. ropelight said

    York, Dana, AOTC, Hitch, DNW, Hoagie, et al,

    I have guests this weekend, but I’ll have more time early next week. I marked York’s site and I’ll have a look around soon. Hope you are all healthy and prosperous. Best Regards.


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