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Afternoon snow pictures

Posted by Dana Pico on 2011/10/29

At least no one called it “snowmageddon.”

I snoveled the show around 1:00 PM

The girls made a deal with me: they’d make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies if I’d go get the chips. So, around 4:00 PM, I walked down to Jim Thorpe Market. And I just saw two Borough snowplows go by, clearing my street, as I uploaded these pictures; my congratulations to Mayor Mike Sofranko and the public works department for doing a good job.

Several more pictures below the fold; click any picture to enlarge.

We still have trees with green leaves . . . and they're laden with snow.

In Twining Park

A bench in Twining Park

A large tree limb down in Twining Park

Looking across the Route 903 bridge from the base of Twining Park; this bridge goes over the railroad tracks and the Lehigh River.

Even the grocery stores in Jim Thorpe are picturesque: this is Jim Thorpe Market

A Japanese Maple, covered with snow

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