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Pull Out of Troops From Iraq

Posted by Yorkshire on 2011/10/23

This is a totally confusing situation that on its face looks ill conceived. Now before the Lefties go all bonkers and say it was Bush who negotiated this, I KNOW that. But that was three years ago and the world has changed. Iran either has, or is close to nukes now, not then. Egypt was firmly held by Mubarak then, not now. Libya was held by Gadaffi then, not now. The Muslim Brotherhood has a grip on Egypt now, not then. Al-Q was pretty fighting in Afghanistan, and hiding in Pakistan, then and now. Syria, Saddam’s brother in the Baathe Party is killing opposition people by the hundreds. Israel’s treaty with Egypt is all but torn up. So, all this is to say, the world Bush lived in when Force pull-out was negotiated, is not the world Obama has found himself in today. Since then, Iran has grown stronger in spite of the world trying to prevent that. Iran hs sent ships to the Med. Iran says they will sail off our coast. Iran’s rocket ability has been improved greatly. So, my thought and opinion, it seems insane to pull out all our combat forces. I just don’t see that Obama has a firm grip on reality. Of course, we could keep them in Kuwait.


6 Responses to “Pull Out of Troops From Iraq”

  1. Foxfier said

    The real story is that the SOFA negotiations fell through; rather than announce that they failed, he’s trying to make lemonaid about pulling everyone out….


  2. Yorkshire said

    Foxfier said
    2011/10/23 at 13:37 e
    The real story is that the SOFA negotiations fell through; rather than announce that they failed, he’s trying to make lemonaid about pulling everyone out….

    That all a Real Lemon can do. Now we know why the food gestapo is quick to close Lemonaide stands run by kids. He can’t stand the competition.


  3. Dana Pico said

    Actually, I’d guess that it really wasn’t failed negotiations, but President Obama deciding that a total withdrawal, now that the war is over, was better politically for him, and, in fact, it does keep a 2008 campaign promise.

    I’m actually undecided on this issue. On one hand, I think that we’d be in a better position if we kept some troops there, but, on the other, I have concerns that we really don’t need to keep troops everywhere, and maybe we are better off pulling them completely out of Iraq. There may be more trouble for the Iraqi government if we do, but we don’t know that, and there might just as well be more trouble for them if we didn’t pullout completely.

    Further, by pulling out all of our troops, President Obama is keeping a promise made by President Bush, and I think/ hope/ guess that it may help the stability of the Afghan government, if it can be pointed out that we have kept our word in Iraq: we came, we liberated, and then we left.

    This is one of those situations in which we do not know and cannot know what the right thing to do is until after it’s already been done, and the results are in. But, as a guess, I’m going to say that it’s probably the wiser thing to do now, though I’m not confident that the future will prove it to have been the right decision. There’s a lot on which to criticize President Obama, but I won’t criticize him on this one.


  4. Yorkshire said

    The Muddled East and the Southern Med. is not today what it was in 2008.


  5. Yorkshire said

    Then there is that little issue popping its head up for the last 12-18 months, the return of the Caliphate:


  6. Yorkshire said

    Looks likeHillary has mysame thoughts:

    Clinton to Iran: Don’t misread departure from Iraq

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Iran should not misread the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq as affecting the U.S. commitment to the fledgling democracy, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Sunday.

    President Barack Obama’s announcement Friday that all American troops would return from Iraq by the end of the year will close a chapter on U.S.-Iraq relations that began in 2003 with the U.S.-led invasion to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

    Washington has long worried that meddling by Iran, a Shiite Muslim theocracy, could inflame tensions between Iraq’s Shiite-led government and its minority Sunnis, setting off a chain reaction of violence and disputes across the Mideast.

    Moron this story Here:


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