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#OccupyWallStreet Forces Food Drive Cancellation, Conservative Bloggers To The Rescue

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/14

Legal Insurrection points out the Occupy Wall Street rabble up in Boston hurled epithets, spit, and water bottles at a woman in uniform. There is very little Conservatives can do about that incident, other than continue pointing out the violent, lawlessness, hatred endemic to Left-Wing protests and contrast that with the peaceful, law-abiding rallies held by Conservatives. But on a different issue, there is something Conservatives can do.

The Occupy Wall Street mob in Boston (Occupy Boston) forced the cancellation of a food drive. While the Anarcho-Socialists for Big Government and Freebies (AS Big GAF) prevented a charitable organization from collecting food to provide to the needy, Conservatives stepped up to the plate. Specifically Conservative bloggers. From the Legal Insurrection story:

Fortunately, the blog The Right Sphere has mobilized conservatives to replace the lost donations that the Greater Boston Food Bank suffered due to #OWS:

Since ‘Occupy Boston’ has forced the cancellation of the Greenway Mobile Food Fest, The Right Sphere is trying to raise $1,000 for the Greater Boston Food Bank, which was supposed to benefit from that event. Please consider donating as little as $1, $5 or $10 to the Greater Boston Food Bank to help defray the Occupy movement’s damage to Boston’s nonprofits and to to show that we can put ourmoney where our mouth is and support the needy in Boston. You can do so using the button below. We understand that times are tough, so if you are unable to donate at this time, you can still help by sending this to others and posting this on any social media platforms you may use.

They are past $4,000 so far. Who Really Cares indeed.

AS Big GAF forced the cancellation of a food drive that was designed to help out the truly needy, and people could have starved as a result. Conservative bloggers stepped in and set a goal of 1000 dollars to replace the lost food AS Big GAF caused, but instead of reaching 1000 dollars, the Conservative bloggers have surpassed 4000 dollars. Now, does anyone believe Bostonians are suddenly going to give up their Liberalism and become Conservatives as a result? Not even the Conservative donors to the worthy cause believe that. So, why did they do it?

Liberals: generous with Other People’s Money.
Conservatives: generous with their own money.

That’s why.

4 Responses to “#OccupyWallStreet Forces Food Drive Cancellation, Conservative Bloggers To The Rescue”

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  2. Dustin said

    Sounds great. Boston is a hellhole for the poor, btw.

    And like many democrat run places, it’s that way on purpose. Gotta keep them dependent so politicians can be their lifeline.

    Everyone can find a couple of bucks to spare.


  3. AOTC said

    the more i see of this ows movement the more troubled it seems. for no other reason than the realization of the state of our culture, the void that resides in an alarming number of our citizens, especially the young people.

    people with no hope get co-opted by those who use and exploit them. those who exploit others offer ‘hope’ but sadly only deliver misery and a type of dependent bondage. ‘hope and change’ is a perfect example of that.

    i dont think this problem will be solved easily or by an election. its deeper. its a matter of a large number people [within our culture and society] unlearning a destructive worldview. i don’t know, but i think it takes a lifetime to change such things.


  4. AOTC said

    “one of these things is not like the other”

    this, ows manifesto:

    compare to this:


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