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Union Bosses Doing What Union Bosses Do

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/11

Mike Antonucci has an article in Hot Air’s Green Room dealing with the teachers Unions trying to bring down Ohio’s new collective bargaining Law. The National Education Association plans to spend 5 million in Ohio, matching the Ohio Education Association’s planned 5 million. That’s huge money and that’s all tax-payer dollars, since the Union dues collected come from salaries paid by tax-payers. But that’s not the point of this article.

Mike Antonucci explains how some of that money has been gotten:

This contribution is in addition to the estimated $5 million the Ohio Education Association dedicated to the referendum campaign, funded by a $54 special assessment the state union imposed on its members.

That’s thuggery, highway robbery, Ruling Class authoritarianism. There are a good many teachers in the OEA that don’t want a single thing to do with the Liberal agenda and don’t want a single dime of their Union dues (and that’s what this is, although the OEA got around calling it dues by using technicalities) spent on Liberal political agenda items. But what choice do the teachers have? Ohio is a closed-shop state; therefore, the teachers either join the Union and pay the dues or they quit.

What the OEA has done is very typical Union Boss behavior: stolen money from their victim in order to go buy a knife they plan to drive into their victim’s heart. The time is long past for all closed-shop requirements nationwide to be outlawed, and until they are, expect more of the same from the Union Bosses.

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  1. […] spending very large amounts of cash on other issues in multiple other states (Wisconsin and Ohio to name two), the big Union money will be harder to come by for the re-elect Obamanation campaign […]


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