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Dog Training Online

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/11

Thank you for that comment you sent to my blog in your attempt to help my dog but your services won’t be necessary. If my dog were skilled enough to take online training courses, she wouldn’t need them to begin with.

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Leftist Reading List Too Left For Leftist Journalist

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/11

HT Hot Air Headlines

Eric Alterman wrote an article about himself and his daughter in The Jewish Daily Forward, and the title and sub-header tell more than enough.

To Test Beliefs, Listen to the Other Guy’s

Aghast at Kid’s Lefty Reading List, Even Nation Columnist Sees Red

Well, the previous evening I took a look at the proposed reading list, which leaned, believe it or not, heavily communist. I swear I am not making this up. The most right-wing people on the list — not including Joe McCarthy and Dick Cheney, whom I assume will not be taught sympathetically — were Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama. The furthest left? Well, it’s hard say. Paul Robeson? Angela Davis? Mumia Abu-Jamal? Michael Moore? It was like a “Saturday Night Live” sketch version of what Tea Party-types think about Upper West Side Jews. So I asked the teacher a Republican-sounding question: “What would you say to a parent who wanted his child be to exposed to a conservative point of view?” (Actually, looking at the list, I would have settled for a liberal one.)

When a journalist finds a list of authors and declares Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to be on the Right side of the political spectrum in said list, there’s a HUGE problem. And even the Leftist journalist sees there’s a problem. But really, Eric, we could’ve already told you there was a problem with radical Leftist indoctrination in the schools. Actually, we have been telling you that for many years; you’re only just now seeing it because you have a daughter being indoctrinated and the Ivory Tower Cult has been so used to having its own way that it has gotten too egregious even for you.

But, hey, welcome to the club. Care to help fix the problem with the national stage you have?

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Union Bosses Doing What Union Bosses Do

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/11

Mike Antonucci has an article in Hot Air’s Green Room dealing with the teachers Unions trying to bring down Ohio’s new collective bargaining Law. The National Education Association plans to spend 5 million in Ohio, matching the Ohio Education Association’s planned 5 million. That’s huge money and that’s all tax-payer dollars, since the Union dues collected come from salaries paid by tax-payers. But that’s not the point of this article.

Mike Antonucci explains how some of that money has been gotten:

This contribution is in addition to the estimated $5 million the Ohio Education Association dedicated to the referendum campaign, funded by a $54 special assessment the state union imposed on its members.

That’s thuggery, highway robbery, Ruling Class authoritarianism. There are a good many teachers in the OEA that don’t want a single thing to do with the Liberal agenda and don’t want a single dime of their Union dues (and that’s what this is, although the OEA got around calling it dues by using technicalities) spent on Liberal political agenda items. But what choice do the teachers have? Ohio is a closed-shop state; therefore, the teachers either join the Union and pay the dues or they quit.

What the OEA has done is very typical Union Boss behavior: stolen money from their victim in order to go buy a knife they plan to drive into their victim’s heart. The time is long past for all closed-shop requirements nationwide to be outlawed, and until they are, expect more of the same from the Union Bosses.

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Unions Plan Recall Governor Walker Petition Drive

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/11

Allahpundit notes Wisconsin Democrats are planning their “Recall Scott Walker” petition drive, which will start November 15 this year. This is really about Democrats trying to save their Union cash cow. And rest assured, Unions will be pumping in millions of dollars in this effort. Including Public Employee Unions, which derive all their dues from tax-payer dollars. This isn’t about the people or the children. This is about Union power, Union money, Union greed, Union graft, Union monopoly.

For some background information:
US Census Bureau data on Wisconsin (with some calculation on my part):
2010 Population 5,686,986
2009 Population 18 or older 4,367,605
2009 per capita income 26,447
US Census Bureau “per capita income” explained:

Per capita income is the mean money income received in the past 12 months computed for every man, woman, and child in a geographic area. It is derived by dividing the total income of all people 15 years old and over in a geographic area by the total population in that area. Note — income is not collected for people under 15 years old even though those people are included in the denominator of per capita income. This measure is rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

(Go to the link for the full explanation.)
If all income was earned by those 18 or over, and the per capita income limited to only those 18 or over, the total per capita would be 34,436.

Some of the money the Unions have already spent in Wisconsin, dealing with the new Law, which is saving Wisconsin tax-payers huge sums of money:
Wisconsin Unions’ lobbying efforts for the first six months of 2011:
The top 4 lobbying organizations, all Unions, (out of 707 lobbying organizations) spent 6.3 million in lobbying Wisconsin Government.

Unsurprisingly, Governor Walker’s budget repair bill’s AB 11 and SB 11 were the most lobbied bills during the first half of the year receiving 22,311 hours. The top four spots among those organizations who spent the most money on lobbying are the Wisconsin AFL-CIO ($2,302,171), WEAC [WI teachers’ union] ($2,062,716), AFSCME Council 11 [Public Employee Union] ($1,228,811), and AFSCME International [Public Employee Union] ($694,422).

AFSCME, WEAC, AFL-CIO alone combined for nearly 9 million on the recall efforts. That doesn’t include NEA, AFT, SEIU, all Public Employee Unions who spent large on the recall efforts.

Money Wisconsinites have saved:
School District Health Insurance savings by leaving WEA Trust (the Wisconsin teachers union’s own health insurance provider):
Hartland-Lakeside School District 690,000 (over 25 percent reduction in Health Insurance premiums)
Pewaukee School District 378,000
Menomonee Falls School District 1.3 million
More districts noted by the MacIver Institute (pdf):
Baraboo School District 660,000
Hartford School District 535,000
Kimberly School District 821,000

And those aren’t all the schools leaving WEA Trust, and not nearly all the schools reducing health insurance premiums due to the new Law. So the Public Employee Union is losing a massive chunk of money off one of its cash cows, but the school districts and tax payers are saving a ton of cash. Because Free Market competition was introduced to the Health Insurance industry provided to schools. Wasn’t one of the reasons for ObamaCare the plan to bend the Health Insurance cost curve down? Well, Conservative Free Market principles (the opposite of ObamaCare) are proving to do just that.

Estimates of statewide school district savings due to the new Law exceed 161 million. Over 500 per student in savings.

George Will explained the grave concern Wisconsin Unions have:

And teachers unions may no longer automatically deduct dues from members’ paychecks. After Colorado in 2001 required public employees unions to have annual votes reauthorizing collection of dues, membership in the Colorado Association of Public Employees declined 70 percent. In 2005, Indiana stopped collecting dues from unionized public employees; in 2011, there are 90 percent fewer dues-paying members. In Utah, the end of automatic dues deductions for political activities in 2001 caused teachers’ payments to fall 90 percent. After a similar law passed in 1992 in Washington state, the percentage of teachers making such contributions declined from 82 to 11.

Rest assured, Wisconsin Public Employee Unions have already seen a marked drop-off in Union dues, a drop-off that
will only increase over time. This is the reason the Unions will be spending millions more trying to recall Governor Walker. The loss of their Union Dues cash cow on top of the loss of their Union-owned Health Insurance cash cow. It has nothing to do with the people or the children and everything to do with Union power, Union money, Union greed, Union graft, Union monopoly.

But the residents of Wisconsin are saving over 161 million dollars on school expenses alone. That doesn’t include the tax-dollars saved at the State, County, Municipality levels. Savings of over 500 per student, nearly 40 per tax-payer — in school budget savings alone; much more when all savings are added in. Schools going from deficit spending to surplus cash.

Yes, this battle is all about Democrats trying to rescue their cash cow at the expense of the people who pay the bills and about Unions trying to rescue their cash cows at the expense of the people who pay the bills, and nothing about the tax-payers or the children. And it comes at a time when Barack Obama is on the ropes and in desperate need of cash for his own campaign; a time when Democrats nationwide are sinking and being dragged down by Barack Obama and in desperate need of cash for their own campaigns; a time when We the People have soured on the Unions and their thuggery (violence, threats of violent murders, destruction of property, lawlessness).

This battle the Democrats and Unions are fighting against the People is going to cost Democrats and Unions dearly in terms of cash lost when they have a dwindling supply and power lost in terms of elections lost that may have been won if not for the millions being diverted to another Wisconsin recall effort.

Professor Jacobson adds this:

This is the fight they have been looking for, but it really is the fight we should have been looking for. The recall effort will be a referendum on whether there is any hope of taking back government from public sector employee unions, and whether a swing state is more interested in growing the economy or growing unions.

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