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More Proof Of #OccupyWallStreet #Astroturf

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/10

Yes, that Working Families Party in New York, with its ties to ACORN and the radical Left (including “Progressive” Democrats and Unions), is paying people to protest Wall Street and make a “differnence”.

Ed Morrissey finds humor in the WFP’s hypocrisy.

By the way, for a political party that professes to be on the side of working families to oppose the greed on Wall Street, they sure don’t pay much for their ground troops:

Compensation: $350-$650 A Week Depending On Responsibility & Length Of Time On Staff

For full-time work, $350 works out to $8.75 an hour … in New York City. Not exactly a living wage, is it?

It’s just more of the typical from the Left, really. Accuse the Conservative TEA Party movement of being exactly what the Left does incessantly (astroturf) and refuse to pay their employees the wages they demand everyone else pay. It’s cute how arrogantly ignorant they are, really. Bless their hearts.

But the US is not Europe and Americans are not Euro-weenies. While the Occupy Wall Street anarcho-socialist criminals cause a lot of destruction, disgust, and public expense, the American People will be working to eradicate some of the Socialism and criminality the current administration has brought to the US.

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