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Senator Jim DeMint On Obama’s Porkulus II

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/06

From Senator DeMint‘s FaceBook page:

President Obama asked why many oppose his new big spending stimulus. Simple, because his first spending stimulus made things worse, and left us with high unemployment and massive national debt. Obama & Democrats real fight isn’t with Republicans, its with reality. 3 years of failed Obama policies have hurt our economy. The real question for everyone is: Are you better off than you were $4 trillion ago?

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blocked a vote in the Senate on Obama’s Porkulus II bill because he knows with 53 Senators on his side of the aisle, he’d be lucky to get into the mid-40s in the vote. Reid can’t afford to let an actual vote occur because it would destroy Obama’s lie that Republicans oppose it but everyone else wants it or something like that. Reid can’t afford to let an actual vote occur because it would seriously harm multiple Democrat Senators’ election chances — because a “yes” vote on Porkulus II would bring a “no” vote in the voting booths across the country. It’s also why Harry Reid (D – NV) has refused to even attempt a Federal Budget since April, 2009 — in direct violation of Federal Law and Constitutional responsibilities. If he were to introduce a Budget, Democrats would be skewered in the voting booths for their profligate spending.

Oh, by the way, Harry Reid (D – NV) used a technique called “filling the tree” to prevent Porkulus II from being added as an amendment to a current Senate Bill. “Filling the tree,” a Parliamentary maneuver Harry Reid (D – NV) has used with far greater frequency in the last 3 years than ever before, is where the total number of amendments allowed on a Bill is filled with your own Party’s amendments, preventing the opposition Party the opportunity to add amendments.


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