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Local Volunteers Are Better Than Government Agencies

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/06

HT Foxfier

Paul in Houston has a story about local volunteers coming to the aid of the mostly volunteer firefighters who were battling a nearby wildfire, and FEMA’s ham-handed attempts at dictatorially taking over. (As an aside, I have family in Magnolia who knew people who were evacuated from their homes due to this fire.)

One of the imported crews from California came into Unified Command and asked where the FEMA Powerbars and water were. He was escorted to the commissary and started through the system. He was flabbergasted. He said FEMA never did it like this. Kenna replied, ”Well, this is the way we do it in Texas.”

Mind you, all of this was set up by 2 Moms, Kenna and Tara, with a staff of 20 simple volunteers, most of them women who had sons, daughters, husbands, and friends on the fire lines. Someone always knew someone who could get what they needed – beds, mechanics, food, space. Local people using local connections to mobilize local resources made this happen. No government aid. No Trained Expert.

FEMA came in and told those volunteers and Kenna that they had to leave, FEMA was here now. Kenna told them she worked for the firefighters, not them. They were obnoxious, bossy, got in the way, and criticized everything. The volunteers refused to back down and kept doing their job, and doing it well. Next FEMA said the HEB supplies and kitchen had to go, that was blatant commercialism. Kenna said they stayed. They stayed.

Go to Paul in Houston’s site and read more, then follow the link he provides to read still more.

It’s terrible that a business would actually voluntarily provide for people in need at a loss to the business. People might actually be thankful to the business and decide to do more business with it. No, people have to be forced to be thankful to Big Government instead, and vote for more Big Government. It’s terrible that a few amateur volunteers were doing all this work, depriving Federal experts the opportunity to get paid tax dollars to do the job volunteers were doing for free.

No, if government would get out of the way, the local people could get the job done much more efficiently and cost-effectively. Sure, having out-of-state trained people come down and volunteer their time and effort is good and welcome, such as the California firefighters, but volunteerism trumps Government Bureaucracy every single time.

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Erick Erickson Is A First-Rate A**

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/06

First there was Erick Erickson’s MILF joke and his subsequent banning of people on Red State who were offended at his highly offensive remarks, and his refusal to apologize for his highly offensive remarks. Then there was Erick Erickson’s highly offensive innuendos regarding another woman, Jamie Radtke, and Erickson’s ties to her well-connected Republican Primary opponent. And of course we have Red State impugning the intellect and integrity of anyone who criticized Rick Perry.

After Sarah Palin decided that she would not be running for President this time around, Erick Erickson provided this childish response:

And now he has the audacity to ask if we can all be friends. C-c-can’t we get along? C-c-can’t we all just get along? Actually no, Erick, bless your heart. You have one heck of a lot of growing up to do before you can sit at the grown-ups table.

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Senator Jim DeMint On Obama’s Porkulus II

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/06

From Senator DeMint‘s FaceBook page:

President Obama asked why many oppose his new big spending stimulus. Simple, because his first spending stimulus made things worse, and left us with high unemployment and massive national debt. Obama & Democrats real fight isn’t with Republicans, its with reality. 3 years of failed Obama policies have hurt our economy. The real question for everyone is: Are you better off than you were $4 trillion ago?

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blocked a vote in the Senate on Obama’s Porkulus II bill because he knows with 53 Senators on his side of the aisle, he’d be lucky to get into the mid-40s in the vote. Reid can’t afford to let an actual vote occur because it would destroy Obama’s lie that Republicans oppose it but everyone else wants it or something like that. Reid can’t afford to let an actual vote occur because it would seriously harm multiple Democrat Senators’ election chances — because a “yes” vote on Porkulus II would bring a “no” vote in the voting booths across the country. It’s also why Harry Reid (D – NV) has refused to even attempt a Federal Budget since April, 2009 — in direct violation of Federal Law and Constitutional responsibilities. If he were to introduce a Budget, Democrats would be skewered in the voting booths for their profligate spending.

Oh, by the way, Harry Reid (D – NV) used a technique called “filling the tree” to prevent Porkulus II from being added as an amendment to a current Senate Bill. “Filling the tree,” a Parliamentary maneuver Harry Reid (D – NV) has used with far greater frequency in the last 3 years than ever before, is where the total number of amendments allowed on a Bill is filled with your own Party’s amendments, preventing the opposition Party the opportunity to add amendments.

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Obama: Record Highs In Quinnipiac

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/06

Ed Morrissey cites the Quinnipiac poll:

American voters disapprove 55 – 41 percent of the job President Barack Obama is doing, an all- time low, and say 77 – 20 percent that the economy is in a recession, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. Voters say 44 – 11 percent that the economy is getting worse, not better, while only 29 percent say the economy will improve if the president is re-elected.

Obama’s rating on the economy are the biggest red flags. With jobs and economic growth almost certain to be the biggest issues in the 2012 general election, less than a third of voters think a second Obama term will help matters. His approval numbers on the economy are almost as bad, 32/64, and only 66% of Democrats approve, while 29% disapprove. Independents disapprove 26/69. Voters now give an edge to Republicans in Congress on economic leadership, 43/41, never a good sign for an incumbent President.

As Morrissey points out, Obama’s hard Left turn has cost him lots of points in the polling numbers. Obama was doing poorly enough when he was merely a radical Leftist. Now that he’s becoming a radical radical Leftist, to play to his very tiny base, he’s losing even more independent voters. And he’s still doing rather poorly among Democrats. A 66/29 economic approval among Democrats and a 26/69 economic approval among independents is a sure-fire way to get fired from the job the Democrats and independents hired Obama to do.

And Obama trails both Mitt “three positions on each issue” Romney and Rick Perry in the Quinnipiac polling numbers. The radical Left like to mock Rick Perry as an “extremist” when — aside from being nothing of the sort — independents and Republicans alike prefer Rick Perry to Barack Obama. The radical Left need new talking points, because the ones they’re using now aren’t selling their battery-powered Edsel to the public.

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