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#OccupyWallStreet or Attack Of The Moron Mob From Mars

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/05

You should see their hilarious list of demands. (HT Yorkshire) And the co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus support these anarchist socialists for huge government and freebies (how many oxyMORONS is that?).

Free health care
Free college
20 dollar an hour jobs for all
No oil
No nuclear power
No credit reporting agencies
Debt forgiveness for all
Spend a trillion here
Spend a trillion there
Power to the unions
No borders
Lotsa tariffs
Lotsa more freebies

And the anarchist socialist for huge government and freebies (how many oxyMORONS is that, again?) is fool enough to call people who confront his moronitude an economic neophyte! Absolute hilarity!

Oh by the way, some Unions are going to bus in some astroturf to help them fill out the crowd size.

Please, Democrats, please line up in support of this mob of morons. By the way, I’m going to need lots more popcorn. I wonder if that’s free, too.

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9 Responses to “#OccupyWallStreet or Attack Of The Moron Mob From Mars”

  1. Hoagie said

    Franky JH, we may have reached that poverbial tipping point where the people who “want” things they haven’t earned out number the people who “have” things they did earn. If that is true, we are finished as a nation of free people. Because sooner or later, the government will “take” what we earn and what we own and it is the government who will decide who gets it.

    You may have noticed that over the last two years I’ve liquidated all my assets save my home. There’s a reason for that. I even decided NOT to open a new business. There’s a reason for that too. Now my wife and I have decided to put our home up for sale next May. That will make us entirely liquid and entirely mobile.

    In an environment where so may people believe they are entitled to what “the other guy” has created there is no good reason to “create” anything. It may just be time to move on to greener pastures and bid America farewell. It’s sad really. The country I was born in, grew up in, fought,killed and bled for, built businesses in and hoped to retire in has decided I’m the enemy. You’ve got the politicians, big business crony capitalists, unions, and “academics’ all throwing in with anarcists and communists to murder the real working man and the real entrepreneurs and small businessmen financially. We see it at CSPT with Perry et al. The blind ideology of envy, class envy or whatever type of envy. It’s sickening.


  2. So I take it, Hoagie, that venture I suggested in an email wasn’t intriguing? Heh, oh well. ‘Twas a valiant effort on my part to entice you to the Lone Star State. You really don’t need to wear a stetson and chaps, you know.

    Would it help if I told you my neighbor is from Vermont and personally apologized for Bernie Sanders?


  3. AOTC said

    note to whiners: instead of complaining all day long, how about DO something productive in life?

    now… i need to get back to work before i get some crazy urge to drink latte’s , tote stupid signs that dont make sense and sit on park benches all day griping and moaning about my lot in life.

    have a productive day everyone!


  4. Foxfier said

    You forgot that the $20 minimum wage is to be provided regardless of employment status….

    I gotta admit, THAT part of the setup would result in so many jobs that we’d have to import zillions. ;^p


  5. Oh, Foxfier, you’re such an economic neophyte! Rainbow Skittles! And arot’xlotl farts!


  6. Hoagie said

    Actually JH, I read the email and kept it because when June gets home we’re going to Famous Dave’s for BBQ (I love brisket ever since I lived in San Antonio) and I thought I’d toss out the idea to her. When I lived there (1986-1992) I had two restaurants on River Walk. So I’m not adverse to Texas but I need to hear June’s view. I am a lot older now to JH, not sure I could handle opening and running an operation of that size. I’ll be in touch.


  7. Yorkshire said

    Irony is today Steve Jobs died. Steve created hundreds, if not thousands of gadgets, and thousands of jobs, and had businesses running beter due to his products. The slobs on Wall Street are screaming pay us to not work.


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