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South Carolina Primary, Nevada Caucus Move Up

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/04

RS McCain has reported the news that the South Carolina Primary will be held on January 21, ahead of the leap-frogging Florida Primary (January 31), and Nevada has tied their Caucus to be held the week following the New Hampshire Primary. This as a result of Florida moving their Primary up at a cost of half their delegates. RS McCain declared that’s exactly what would happen. So did I. And so did The Underground Conservative.

Tina Korbe writes:

South Carolina became the first of the four early voting states to officially move its primary ahead of Florida’s contest, which, as of last Friday, is set for Jan. 31. South Carolina GOP Chairman Chad Connelly this morning announced the decision to move the Palmetto State’s primary to Jan. 21.

“Last Friday, a nine-person committee brought chaos to the 2012 calendar,” his statement read. “Today, South Carolina is making things right.”

South Carolina is also forcing Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada to schedule their primaries even earlier. New Hampshire will be next to decide, as Nevada party rules require the Nevada primary to take place four days after New Hampshire and Iowa state law requires the Iowa caucuses to occur at least eight days before the next contest. New Hampshire’s likely looking at Jan. 3, 10 or 17. If the state selects Jan. 17, Nevada and South Carolina will fall on the same day. But if NH chooses the earliest date — Jan. 3 — that’ll push the Iowa caucuses into December of this year.

Florida knew this would happen, and South Carolina is peeved, as to be expected. In fact, as RS McCain notes, this was Florida’s intention all along.

This is incredible! In a Facebook message to “Sunshine State Sarah,” Speaker Cannon admits what the Florida GOP is doing:

I’ll describe what happened in 2008 as the best proof that the threats of calamity in [Florida RNC member Paul] Paul’s letter are unfounded. In 2008, Iowa went Jan 3, NH went Jan 8, MI on Jan 15, NV and SC on Jan19, Florida went Jan 29, and FL had huge, arguably decisive influence. Twenty six states then held their primaries the next week on Feb 5–the “super Tuesday”–and it was over.

That is to say, Cannon and the Florida GOP are trying to guarantee a repeat of the preposterously early decision in 2008! And this disaster (which gave the nomination to John McCain) Cannon cites as proof that a front-loaded primary calendar in 2012 won’t produce a “calamity”!

The Florida Establishment Republicans — who wanted a Senator Charlie Crist instead of Senator Marco Rubio — are intentionally front-loading the Primary season to end it early. Because they don’t want a non-Establishment type to horn in on their game. The Establishment Republicans hate the TEA Party just as much as the Democrats do. But they’re in for a rude awakening as We the People are still fighting mad at both Ruling Class parties, and Establishment Republican Incumbents will be Primaried out of their jobs.

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