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A Bridge Too Far(t)

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/03

I had to link to PERRY HOOD‘s site because he is the very typical far-Left radical socialist who pretends “progressive” means something other than socialist. How typical is he? His site is a paid site. And a Conservative who disagrees with everything he stands for paid for it. That’s right. Perry Hood’s radical Left-wing site is paid for by a Conservative site. Granted, the Conservative only had to pay the cost tied to the name and the new page, and then piggy-backed the absolutely minimal blog activity onto his own, but the fact remains the far-Left radical Socialist Perry Hood could not come up with the money to pay for his own site and instead of using a free site, took the money from a Conservative to provide him with a free-of-charge paid site that cost Perry Hood not a single dime.

I like using the full name Perry Hood because he went ballistic after I used it on Dana Pico’s site linked above, after Perry Hood had used it himself for a long time on the blogosphere. As you can see by his continued allowance of his last name, that being Hood, to be broadcast on his own site — that a Conservative paid the costs for him to provide — his offense at his last name, which he previously used on blog sites, is wholly dishonest. He only wanted to attack a Conservative he hated (me) for using his last name on the intertubes.

And here’s a clear picture to how abysmally his radical Left-wing with the lie-filled name has done.

Nobody is buying his radical agenda.

Perry Hood started his site, paid for by someone not named Perry Hood, as a “bridging the gap” site, and he had various authors on both sides start out writing for him. It has since become the Perry Hood show because Perry Hood is not the type to actually “bridge the gap”. He has been called out by Conservatives for his absolute radical Leftism and his denial of facts and his total memory loss. He has been called out by Libertarians for his memory loss (read: lies).

But let’s take a look at Perry Hood’s “gap bridging” shall we?

From Common Sense Political Thought:

Right, a short term deal following the disastrous debt ceiling hostage taking, done by your Repubs which succeeded in lowering our credit rating and made the unstable global financial situation more unstable. Yeah, Hube, that was real responsible. And yes, don’t forget, also, your Repub party bore major responsibility for the crash of Fall 2008 with your tax cut/big spending/laissez faire policies finally coming home to roost, now followed by a do-nothing Congressional dysfunction.

You folks caused these major problems, and now attempt to blame President Obama for them! Some integrity that is. If we happen to elect you crackpot radicals back into power, we will then deserve getting more of the same dysfunction, which will then say more about the dysfunction of the American people themselves. I’m hoping that this will not be the outcome in 2012, that the American people will step up, being above and beyond having such dysfunction.

And again from Common Sense Political Thought:

“Given that any of the Republican candidates, even including Representative Ron Paul (R-TX), couldn’t possibly make a worse President than the guy who is in office now, I’d say that it’s a pragmatic position to take. “ (quoting Dana Pico)

Now I know for sure what I have suspected for several months, Dana, and that is you have lost it, totally and completely!!!

But let’s look at his “gap bridging” from his own site, which has so many “comments closed” articles (and if you refuse to allow Leftist lunatics to thread-jack, you’re violating the First Amendment you claim to love. Especially if you ban anyone).

Here’s this:

It is refreshing to have the do-nothing Republican Party countered by folks who seek after the truth in order to counter the propaganda. “Bridging the Gap” is facilitated by knowing and acknowledging the truth.

And this:

These charts, originally posted here, are well worth reposting on my blog, simply because they demonstrate graphically not only the depth of the problem that Obama inherited from Bush and his party, but also the headway he has made in setting our economy back on track. They also give the lie to the protestations and propagandizing being done on a daily basis by the right wing media.

OK Dana, in addition to what I just pointed out, let me address your constant whining that Obama is a failure

And this:

Folks need to take into account the past performance of the S&P ratings before going off half-cocked against the soundness of the United States with regard to paying our debts, that is, unless our radical Right continues in their attempts to pull the rug out from under the American people in their zeal to unseat Obama and take over both houses of Congress.

And this:

What will it take for our right wing tea party extremists to realize these pending realities?

And this:

These House Republicans, mainly, are ready and willing to send this nation over a financial cliff in order to get their way. This is a relatively small minority who have the power to say “no” because they have decided not to say “yes” to anything. Most other Republicans are also responsible, bowing to the wishes of one Grover Norquist and their signed pledge to NEVER raise taxes. These radicals, and that is exactly what they all are, would put the entire burden for deficit/debt reduction on the backs of the middle class.

And these Republicans think they are doing the Right thing, where the Right thing is utter insanity, against the best interests of the American people. Patriots these people fashion themselves to be. Patriots these people are not!!!

And this:

Furthermore, we now see these oligarchs and their sheep working hard to suppress the vote in 2012 by making it more difficult to register, among other things.

But of course, this one takes the cake:

Hatred of Obama: Is Race a Factor?

I definitely think it is, otherwise how does one explain the outright unabashed hatred of President Obama coming from regions and from those who have a history of racial prejudices, and coming from a popular right wing radio host who makes no bones about his hatred for Obama, and his racist outlook, both in general and specifically.

So, do go over to his site and read some of his “gap bridging” and his radical Leftist comics. Find a blog entry that is actually open for comments and let him know what you think of his “gap bridging”. Also let him know I sent you. He’ll like that. Or maybe not.


2 Responses to “A Bridge Too Far(t)”

  1. Hube said

    Well done, Hitch. It’s almost like shooting fish in a barrel, but every now and then Perry’s insanity has to be called out.


  2. There was so much “gap bridging” to choose from, it was difficult to limit myself to just those. Dude doesn’t even try to hide his radical Leftism.


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