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The “Republicans March In Lock-Step” Leftist Lie

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/02

You can see the lie everywhere Leftists congregate. “Repulicans march in lock-step.” It is such an obvious lie that anyone with half a brain knows they’re lying. You can see it in Patterico’s support of homosexual marriage and his previous logic-free attacks on Principled Conservatives. You can see it in Ace of Spades‘ insane, logic-free attacks on Sarah Palin. You can see it in Dana Pico‘s support of Rick Perry, whom I do not support. You can see it in Robert Stacy McCain‘s support of Herman Cain as I support Sarah Palin and Dana Pico supports Rick Perry. You can see it in the RINO crowd supporting Mitt “I have 3 positions on every issue” Romney. You can see it in every deranged supporter of the deranged and never-will-be-president Ron Paul.

You can see it everywhere. Conservatives are not in alignment in any way that would suggest “lock-step” in any definition of the term. And Libertarians are not at all in lock-step with Conservatives or one with another, as some Libertarians just want to toke or shoot up all legal-like and other Libertarians say “newp” to that idea.

So no, the Leftist Lie that “all who oppose Obama are in lock-step” cannot be held at all by anyone who has a semi-functioning brain, let alone a fully-functioning brain. In actuality, those who support Barack “let’s destroy the greatest Independent nation in the world” Obama do not even have semi-functioning brains.

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