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The “Republicans March In Lock-Step” Leftist Lie

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/02

You can see the lie everywhere Leftists congregate. “Repulicans march in lock-step.” It is such an obvious lie that anyone with half a brain knows they’re lying. You can see it in Patterico’s support of homosexual marriage and his previous logic-free attacks on Principled Conservatives. You can see it in Ace of Spades‘ insane, logic-free attacks on Sarah Palin. You can see it in Dana Pico‘s support of Rick Perry, whom I do not support. You can see it in Robert Stacy McCain‘s support of Herman Cain as I support Sarah Palin and Dana Pico supports Rick Perry. You can see it in the RINO crowd supporting Mitt “I have 3 positions on every issue” Romney. You can see it in every deranged supporter of the deranged and never-will-be-president Ron Paul.

You can see it everywhere. Conservatives are not in alignment in any way that would suggest “lock-step” in any definition of the term. And Libertarians are not at all in lock-step with Conservatives or one with another, as some Libertarians just want to toke or shoot up all legal-like and other Libertarians say “newp” to that idea.

So no, the Leftist Lie that “all who oppose Obama are in lock-step” cannot be held at all by anyone who has a semi-functioning brain, let alone a fully-functioning brain. In actuality, those who support Barack “let’s destroy the greatest Independent nation in the world” Obama do not even have semi-functioning brains.

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TBD Hits The Big Time

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/02

We at Truth Before Dishonor reached the Holy Grail. The gold key to the top toilet is ours. We can flush with pride now that we have reached the Big Time, the center circle of the Big Top, the mother of all recommends.

Truth Before Dishonor strikes gold!

(click to embiggen)

So, in celebration of this glorious event, and in the words of the master, “hit the freaking tip jar!”

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Florida Establishment Republicans Declare War

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/02

… on TEA Party Conservatives. The Establishment Ruling Class Republicans, nationally and in Florida, do not want We the People to have our input. They are afraid of us and what we’ll do once we take over. To that end, the Florida Ruling Class Republicans have pushed their Primary up to January 31. They are cutting off their noses to spite their face, attempting to kill the giant that awoke in 2009. As I have noted many times before, 70 percent of the Republican base and a majority of independents consider the Republican leadership to be to the Left of and out of touch with the Republican base. As I have also noted, I am a Conservative; I am only a Republican because there isn’t currently a viable Conservative party. And I’m working with grass-roots Conservatives nationwide to change that, to the chagrin of the Republican Elites.

RS McCain, who doesn’t hold back in the least, had this to say:

You may have noticed that the sudden announcement of Florida’s Jan. 31 date swiftly followed Cain’s upset win in the Florida straw poll — a result that had caused some people to urge New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to get in. But there won’t be time now for Christie to organize a campaign in time to compete in Iowa or New Hamphire.

Bonus for the old-boy Establishment? By making this move, the Florida GOP makes it all but certain that Sarah Palin can’t run in 2012.

What would really shake things up — and it would be just like her — is if Palin decided to pay back the Establishment by messing up their little insider game and endorsing Herman Cain. [bold mine, italics his]

Don’t be so certain, Florida Ruling Class Republicans, that you have beaten Sarah Palin with your fool’s gambit. But that is exactly what you’re trying to do: prevent a grass-roots Conservative like Sarah Palin from running and prevent a grass-roots Conservative like Herman Cain from winning since he’s already running. Because you want the game of “war” to be about which Ruling Class Establishment Republican gets to try to rule over We the People. But hear this: We the People are fighting mad. As RS McCain said, “Once Tea Party activists figure out what the Florida GOP bosses are up to, I guarantee you there will be hell to pay.” You betcha, bless your hearts.

The Underground Conservative piles on.

In other words, what we predicted yesterday here will happen: a front-loaded presidential primary system guaranteed to pick an establishment GOP candidate. Mitt Romney = John McCain 2.0.

RSM notes:

Let’s just hope Reince Priebus can stop these crazy Florida bastards from ruining Christmas.

Reince, the ball is in your court.

That’s the end result: the Cocktail Party GOP showing the Tea Party who’s boss. Same old RINO crap sandwich. No Herman Cain. No Sarah Palin. No real conservative.

Again, that’s the end result the National and Florida Establishment Ruling Class Republicans want. There’s a good chance they will fail at what they want. And I hope they do fail, for the good of the country and for the good of the Republican Party.

The Ruling Class Republicans still don’t understand they are the reason the Republicans were whomped in 2006 and 2008. They still don’t understand Republicans won a huge victory in 2010 despite the machinations of the Coctail Party Republicans. The Democrats fear the TEA Party movement and with just reason: they are losing the ability to rule the peons with an iron fist. The Ruling Class Republicans, who are completely out of touch with We the People, neither understand us nor want us involved in deciding who rules over us. And they fear us as much as, or moreso than, the Democrats do. Because We the People do not want rulers. We the People are coming for them. And We the People are intent on taking our nation back from the Ruling Class. Because it was ours to begin with.

Don’t forget, the Establishment Republicans — nationally and in Florida — tried to foist a Senator Crist on us but when We the People made it clear Marco Rubio was the man, Charlie “Orange Man” Crist jumped to Independent and took his Republican money with him. In Florida, as with many other parts of the nation, the Establishment Republicans refused to coalesce behind the Republican candidate the people wanted and worked hard to defeat the choice of We the People — even after the Primary where We the People made our choice clear. The “you cannot win without us” crowd decided they would rather lose than support the candidate of the People’s choice.

So, Florida and Ruling Class Republicans everywhere, “It’s on like Donkey Kong.”

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