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Who Is John Hitchcock?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/01

I’ve decided to give a little snap-shot into what makes me tick. It will be a very incomplete picture but it will go a little way into understanding me better.

When I was in 4th grade, I was in a 4th/5th split class. Each grade had 3 levels of reading: top, middle, bottom (or however they described them). I was in the top 5th grade reading class while in 4th grade. I was also in the 5th grade math class while in 4th grade. When the 5th grade students took their spelling test, I would take it on my own. I got 80 – 95 percent on each 5th grade spelling test, without ever having the benefit of the book to see, and yet the school would not let me in the 5th grade spelling class.

By the time 5th grade rolled around, I was once again in the top 5th grade reading class, and was then officially in the 5th grade spelling class in which I had already shown superior competency. And I was in remedial 6th grade math. By 6th grade, I was in the same math as everyone else.

This taught me that the best grade one could possibly get was “A-4”, where the “A” is obvious, and the number was effort level, 1 being outstanding effort and 4 being no effort. And that is what I “worked” at: getting my “A” (and too many “B”s) without putting forth any effort whatsoever. I didn’t study. I rarely did my math homework, and I was in Honors Math. I never completely read any American Lit or English Lit novels or plays, and I was in Honors English. And yet, I graduated high school with a 3.45 GPA (on the edge of top ten percent) and a 31 composite on the 35-point ACT. I also completely destroyed the ASVAB. And gained entry into the National Honor Society and “Who’s Who Among American High School Students”.

I believe I was 8 or 9 years old when my family visited the Air Force museum in Dayton, OH, I believe it is. We saw a great many planes at the museum, of course. One such plane we saw in the distance was a very sleek, large plane with 4 jet engines on each wing. I told my younger siblings it was a futuristic plane that the Air Force was planning to build. (Kids do have imaginations and do try to explain what they see with what little they know. It’s how kids function.) When we got up to it, we found out it was, I believe, a 1950s era plane, the Stratofortress. My father turned to me and said something along the lines of “That should teach you not to say anything when you don’t know. You just made a fool of yourself.”

When I was in high school, my father and I went to a restaurant to eat and talk. I told him how I took my History tests. I read the book once, took notes that I never looked at again, and that was the extent of my studying. When it was time to take the test, I would see a question that I didn’t immediately know the answer to. I would sit back, close my eyes, and “see” the open history book. I could see where the headers were. I could see where the sub-headers were. I could see the various paragraphs. If there were photos, I could see where they were. I knew what was where and how much space each item took. And then I could see where the answer was. Seeing all that gave me the answer as to what the answer was.

My father’s response to all this? “If you tried a little harder, you could read the book, too.” Yup. No approval, no support, no nothing. Just another “you’re not good enough” response out of him, like I had heard a million times over. There was no satisfying him, so I gave up ever trying to. But I did learn from him.

I know my intellectual level is such that I can learn absolutely anything if only given the opportunity. There is nothing I cannot learn. But aside from outside forces, I never developed a study habit and don’t know how to study. Learning that zero effort is better than outstanding effort in grade-getting, I never learned how to try my best at anything. It came easily or didn’t come at all. And it’s better to not try than to try and make a fool out of yourself. Besides, I’ll never be good enough anyway.

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Dear Rick Perry, Please Stop Digging

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/01

Rick Perry, who accused 81 percent of the public of being heartless, is still digging. Allahpundit says:

Matt Lewis says he’s improving on this issue. I guess, but that’s mainly because after you’ve tried to win over voters by calling them heartless, there’s really nowhere to go but up.

I’m not so sure. I think Rick Perry is, at best, going sideways and not up. Allahpundit goes on to quote MSNBC.

“We have, for decades, had a federal government that has absolutely failed in its constitutional duty to defend our border,” Perry said.

“I’m a governor. I don’t have the pleasure of standing on the stage and criticizing. I have to deal with these issues,” he later added.

Perry continued, “In 2001, we had this choice: Are we going to kick these children over to the curb and say you cannot have access to college? Because the fact of the matter is there’s no way they could pay the out-of-state tuition. And are we going to have them on the government dole over here because they’re not educated? Or are we going to have them in our institutions of higher learning, paying in state tuition, pursuing citizenship?”

How about we quit enabling illegal aliens in their illegal activities? Ever think of that, Governor Perry? Allahpundit notes Rick Perry opposes E-Verify, his wife has framed the question of either tuition subsidies or welfare payments — to illegals — a Left-wing Big Government false dichotomy fallacy, not only do illegals get in-state tuition subsidies (paid for by the tax-payers) but also tax-payer funded financial aid.

No, Rick Perry is not a small government Conservative. On this issue, he’s not a Conservative at all. As I said before, Rick Perry is a Bell Curve Tenther and not a True Tenther in that he supports State-level Big Government at the expense of the citizens. And I have no doubt that, if he were to become President, he will drop all pretenses at being a Tenther altogether for his Big Government approach.

And that Left-wing Big Government false dichotomy fallacy? How about we don’t subsidize the education of illegal aliens? How about we don’t give tax-payer funded Welfare to illegal aliens? How about we don’t allow businesses to hire illegal aliens? Do you know what that would do? It would save the tax-payers lots of money and it would stop enabling the illegal aliens and their illegal behavior. That would be the Small Government Conservative approach, and that would encourage the illegal aliens to return home.

RS McCain mocks Rick Perry and his hole-digging self-inflicted and possibly politically-fatal wound.

Go back just 10 days — before the Orlando debate, before the Florida straw poll — and remember how Perry was the unstoppable juggernaut, the bandwagon everyone was going to ride to glory.

And now it’s over. Completely and irretrievably over. How over is it? Mitt Romney is mocking Perry as a RINO sellout[.]

When even Flip Flopney tags you for being clearly to the Left of the Conservative base, you know you done a bad thing. Seriously Rick, stop digging. Put that shovel down and don’t pick it back up again.

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Previous Narcissist-In-Chief Complains Bitterly

Posted by Yorkshire on 2011/10/01

Bill Clinton wants more credit

By JAMES HOHMANN | 9/30/11 11:10 PM EDT
Bill Clinton thinks he deserves more credit for reforming welfare and balancing the budget.

“I go crazy every time I read the conventional wisdom,” he said Friday night at his presidential library in Little Rock, Ark. “So part of the Republican narrative is that I was ‘saved’ from myself by the election of the Republican Congress [in 1994] that ‘forced me’ to do welfare reform and ‘made the balanced budget possible.’”

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