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N.S. Savannah

Posted by Yorkshire on 2011/09/30

This is the NS Savannah. It was the only cargo ship ever built powered by a Nuclear Reactor (Currently Decommissioned). It was launched in 1959. Currently it is berthed in Southeast Baltimore. I remember taking a tour of the ship in the early 60’s. It is also a National Landmark. On our cruise earlier this month, we passed the ship on our way out of Baltimore Harbor. Read the website for more info on the ship.

This website was created to help educate and inform the public about the history of the Nuclear Ship Savannah by exploring the ship’s design, construction, voyages, and the crew and passengers that sailed on her. It includes text and photographs from a variety of sources in an attempt to provide a single forum for information and news – past, present, and future – on the N/S SAVANNAH itself and the future of nuclear power in merchant ships. This site also supports and reports on the activities of the Maritime Administration (owner/licensee of the ship) and the N/S SAVANNAH Association, Inc., (a non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the ship).

EDIT The Ship is featured in The APRIL 1962 Volume of the National Geographic Magazine

3 Responses to “N.S. Savannah”

  1. AOTC said

    impressive picture. thanks yourkshirhe. ive always wanted to tour a ship like that. mr aotc loves old military aircraft. one place we have toured is Pima County Air Museum in Tucson, AZ. also, in the nearby Davis Monthan air force base there are acres and acres of mothballed military aircraft.


  2. Yorkshire said

    Thanks. I was glad to see it in such good condition when we passed it on the way out of the harbor. I grew up within a mile of where it is berthed now. Also, the Naval Hospital ship “HOPE” is nearby. Also, to the west (ship is pointing North) and then to the North in harbor is the “John Brown” which is a restored Liberty Ship. And within a 5 mile radius during WW2, Bethlehem Steel was turning out one Liberty Ship every day at three or four locations.


  3. DNW said

    Followed the link, and enjoyed the site.


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