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Fast And Furious: A Scandal Of Epic Proportion

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/09/29

The breadth and depth of the Obama Administration’s involvement in the wholly corrupt Operation Fast And Furious is of epic proportion. I would venture to say there has been no time in the history of the US that a scandal of this size has ever before been perpetrated, in terms of the number and level of the people involved, in terms of the cover-up involved, and in terms of lives lost.

ATF bought guns, then sold them to illegal buyers. An ATF agent in charge ordered this done, then ordered the illegal buyers not be surveilled, then when the field agent who had disobeyed that corrupt order and surveilled them anyway reported the guns were being moved and requested the ATF take down the illegal buyers and those moving the guns, his supervisor flat-out refused, allowing the guns to just disappear. Then the supervisor got promoted.

An FBI informant was involved in illegally transporting the guns across the border. The FBI also covered up the fact one of the Fast And Furious guns, tied to the FBI, was used in a murder.

The Department of Justice has obstructed the Congressional investigation, ordering its people to not cooperate, deceiving the Congressional investigation, and refusing to release documents related to Fast And Furious.

The White House received emails regarding Fast And Furious as it was in operation.

Over 200 murders are tied to Fast And Furious guns, including civilians, Law Enforcement officials, Government officials, and including people on both sides of the border.

While the New Media has been covering this epic scandal as the epic scandal it is, Mainstream Media has in essence not given much weight to the scandal at all. And some Democrats, at one point, were trying to use the wholly corrupt Operation Fast And Furious in an attempt to take away gun rights.

I have created a chronological list of New Media reports on Fast And Furious that I’ll place below the fold. The list is far from exhaustive, barely scratching the surface. Nor does the list start at the beginning, but it is a decent place to work on some research. Do some research, if you haven’t already, and let your anger at the full-blown corruption grow. Then inform those around you and vote the bums out.

March 30, 2011

Michelle Malkin
Project Gunrunner: Obama’s Stimulus-Funded Border Nightmare

April 1, 2011

Michelle Malkin
Project Gunrunner update: Issa subpoenas the stonewallers

April 19, 2011

Michelle Malkin
Project Gunrunner update: ATF ignored warnings, DOJ ignores document requests

May 4, 2011

Michelle Malkin
Project Gunrunner update: The fit hits the shan

June 13, 2011

Hot Air
Contempt charge from House for Holder over Fast & Furious?

June 15, 2011

Hot Air
Did Holder deputy lie to Congress about Operation Fast and Furious?; Update: Issa releases e-mails

Michelle Malkin
Document drop: More Project Gunrunner fit hits the shan

June 20, 2011

Hot Air
Gunwalker: The Fast and Furious scandal expands Update: Gun control lobby involved?

June 21, 2011

Michelle Malkin
Reminder: Another zealot waiting in ATF wings

June 28, 2011

Hot Air
Melson to testify on Fast & Furious as part of deal in Senate

June 30, 2011

Hot Air
Dems to spin Fast & Furious probe into gun-control rally

July 5, 2011

Hot Air
Video: Mexican officials want Fast & Furious officials extradited for trial

July 9, 2011

Legal Insurrection
Obama Sold, Tracked, Same Guns To Cartels He Hoped To Ban Because They Were Tracked From Cartels

July 10, 2011

The Other McCain
Allen West Continues To Answer The Question ‘What If BHO Was A Leader?’

July 12, 2011

Michelle Malkin
DOJ’s Fast and Furious head fake

July 21, 2011

Legal Insurrection
Did the Obama Administration Obtain Gunwalker Info To Justify A New Gun Control Measure?

July 22, 2011

Hot Air
ATF tried “downplaying” Fast & Furious scandal to Congress

July 25, 2011

Hot Air
Was the FBI complicit in Fast & Furious debacle?

July 27, 2011

Hot Air
ATF official: I told the White House about Fast & Furious

August 7, 2011

The Other McCain
As The Details Worsen, ‘Fast and Furious’ Becomes Dem. Party’s Trip To Jonestown

August 16, 2011

Hot Air
ATF promotes three Fast & Furious supervisors

August 24, 2011

The Other McCain
Chuck Norris And The NRA Vs. The DOJ: One Nearly Feels Sympathy For Holder

August 30, 2011

Michelle Malkin
Fast and Furious update: DOJ to shuffle ATF director Kenneth Melson ; Issa statement added

August 31, 2011

Michelle Malkin
Screw up, move up, cover up: Fast and Furious edition

September 1, 2011

Hot Air
Issa, Grassley make good on promise to expand “Fast & Furious” investigation

September 2, 2011

Hot Air
Fast and Furious e-mails reached at least three White House officials

Michelle Malkin
Fast and Furious update: Yes, the White House got e-mails

September 6, 2011

Michelle Malkin
Fast and Furious update: And now…Project Grenadewalker?!; Plus: The Indiana story

September 12, 2011

Michelle Malkin
Fast and Furious update: More guns, more stonewall

September 14, 2011

Hot Air
Justice Department tells GOP investigators: Guns from “Fast and Furious” linked to three more murders in Mexico

Michelle Malkin
Fast and Furious update: 3 more murders tied to Gunwalker

September 19, 2011

Hot Air
Fast & Furious: FBI may have covered up third gun found at scene of agent’s death to protect informant

September 20, 2011

Hot Air
Report: At least 200 murders in Mexico now linked to Fast & Furious weapons

September 21, 2011

Hot Air
New Fast & Furious audio: Border Patrol agent killed by F&F weapons was “collateral damage”

September 23, 2011

Hot Air
U.S. has yet to explain Fast and Furious to Mexico

September 26, 2011

Hot Air
New Fast & Furious document: ATF bought guns with taxpayer money and sold them to illegal buyers directly

September 28, 2011

Hot Air
FBI informant smuggled Fast & Furious guns across border

As Foxfier said, Dean at Beers with Demo has been all over this scandal. He is a good resource.


4 Responses to “Fast And Furious: A Scandal Of Epic Proportion”

  1. Foxfier said

    I’ve got to put in a plug for Beers with Demo, who got there before MM and has been doing an AMAZING job of watching this BS.


  2. I got too lazy to do all the transcribing but, yes, Dean at Beers with Demo has done yeoman’s work. (Also, if I remember my research, his titles were along the lines of “Fast and Furious Update” without heavy information in the titles.)


  3. Foxfier said

    Yep. Clicking on the “ATF” tag gets them, too, but might miss a few.

    I’ve been trying to plug it everywhere, because he’s been so good about updating EVERYTHING.


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