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Critical Sarah Palin News

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/09/28

Critical Sarah Palin news! Highly important news about Sarah Palin! The paper of record, the New York Times has an announcement of major proportion concerning Sarah Palin!

Since I value the New York Times just a little less than my most recent bowel movement, I picked up this critical, earth-shattering news from Hot Air. What is the earth-shattering news that is so huge that the New York Times would write about it? What is so amazingly spectacular about Sarah Palin that it requires a New York Times piece?


That’s right, nothing. Nothing from Sarah Palin is so important that the New York Times had to write about it. Let me clarify that. The New York Times had to write about Sarah Palin because there is nothing there. Confused yet? Okay, let me be a bit more clear. The New York Times found out something about Sarah Palin and that something about Sarah Palin was nothing, so the New York Times had to write about the something which was nothing because it came from Sarah Palin. The nothing that didn’t come from Sarah Palin was the something that came from Sarah Palin, thus the critical news quality of the something that is nothing.

Not clear yet? Let me quote you from the New York Times. Maybe then it’ll clear up for you.

In the meantime, her Twitter feed and Facebook page have gone silent for the last 10 days. Her Web site has not been updated recently. And Ms. Palin has not appeared on Fox News for a week, since before the last Republican presidential debate.

There. You have it. Nothing is so important that the New York Times has to report it.

Did I mention previously that everything Sarah does is covered in the mainstream media? Why yes, I did. Did I mention previously that Sarah Palin going to ground is news in itself and the mainstream media has to cover that as well? Why yes, I did. So Sarah Palin went to ground the last couple weeks. It was so critical, her going to ground, that the New York Times felt the need to report it.

And there you have it, folks. The “irrelevant” woman, the “unserious” person in the Republican Primaries, the woman who “won’t win”, “can’t win”, “shouldn’t run”, that woman, she just made the news because she didn’t do anything.

Rent free.


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