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Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/09/27

For those who don’t know, Top Shot has entered its new season.

Jake, a competitor on this new season of Top Shot, is the living, breathing example of a worthless dirtball. His only redeeming quality is that he’s a good marksman. Everything else about him is dirtball to the extreme. He has no consideration for his teammates. He has no consideration for anyone else. He has no intention of listening to anyone else. The experts who are brought in to coach the various weapons have a very dim view of him. In short, he is the most worthless, lousy excuse for a human being that Top Shot has ever had on its program.

But he’s the perfect example of Barack Obama. Never listening to contrary positions. Always thinking his fecal matter don’t stink. Always producing more fecal matter than everyone around him combined. And of the people watching a weapons-heavy program (it is, afterall, a “who can shoot the best” program) less than 20 percent of the people are in his corner. Because he’s an absolutely worthless dirtbag poor excuse for a human being.

Did I mention he was black? Likely that’s the reason for a large percentage of people voting for him. Guaranteed that has nothing to do with the vast majority of the viewers who are disgusted by him.

6 Responses to “#TopShot”

  1. Richard Brophy DC said

    He unfortunately exemplifies an alarming trend within the black community. Neurotic, narcissistic and militant! Lets face it the show needed a black guy on the show so the “race pimps” don’t raise hell!


  2. I had thought someone else would’ve responded but I guess not. I do not agree that the show put a black guy on it just to have a black guy on it. I also disagree with tying “neurotic, narcissistic, militant” to the black community. Previous seasons had black guys on it and they were quite fine, but they had a couple white guys that weren’t.

    But Jake is just over-the-top wrong in so many ways.


  3. John said

    i put Jake Zweig through Navy SEAL training around the years 98-99. he was supposedly a Naval Academy graduate but our whole training staff just shook our heads at how pathetic a student he was, and how pathetic a leader he was or would never be. he barely made it through training and unfortunately he only made it through because he was an officer and black. there was a big push to get minorities through training which we didnt mind at all but when a guy like Zweig gets through…..not good. thank god he went to SEAL Team TWO after graduation because it did not take ST-2 long to boot him out of their command and i believe out of the Navy overall. God Bless ST-2!! now he is on a reality tv show and on as a SEAL??? the guy was a SEAL for maybe a year…..and thats counting the time it takes to process you out of the military… no, he is not a SEAL, he never deployed as a SEAL. not a SEAL in my book and i have been one for over 20 years! side note, he bragged about belonging to a gang before joining the Navy. dirt bag from head to toe.


  4. Slim said

    Is it Jake or Jurk? I would guess the entire Seal family past and present are embarrassed and rightly so. Isn’t Jurk also a teacher of some type ?? Wonder what his students and parents of his students think of ol jurkey boy now. What a piece !!!


  5. He’s a football coach. And he’s definitely not the type of person who should be coaching or guiding anyone. I don’t know if he’s a teacher or not. If he’s a high school or junior high school coach, typically in the region I grew up, they were teachers who also coached but not always.

    But yeah, he’s a real piece of work. About as worthless as they come, in my never humble opinion.


  6. Bill said

    After reading everyone else’s comments about this POS I guess I am not far off base and then it was confirmed when he (jurk) threw a fit and quit instead of going to an elimination challange… Really? is that what the SEAL’s taught you… to quit! what a disgrace… now go home in shame you PUNK.


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