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How Much Sex Do Fifth-Graders Know?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/09/16

That is the question Washington DC schools are about to get answered. Because Washington DC has a far too high teen pregnancy rate. So obviously the kids don’t know enough about sex and condoms, right? That’s the standard Liberal answer. Not enough knowledge. The DC schools will test 5th graders on human sexuality, contraception, and drug use in the Spring of 2012, because they obviously don’t know enough, at 11 years old, about being safely sexually active. But as RS McCain points out, it wasn’t a heavy amount of knowledge teens had in 1948 but rather a much stronger moral value which kept teen pregnancy from being the out of control problem it is today.

There was a stigma attached to extra-marital sexual activity back in 1948, and rightfully so, for social, economic, and health reasons. There was a stigma attached to drug use as well. But the modern Left, in all their brilliance, decided to rid the public of its very healthy stigmatization of immoral and very unhealthy life choices. What did that bring us? Broken homes, single parent households dependent on government handouts, high drop-out rates, an exploding drug problem, an explosion in STDs, and a generally decadent society.

Children don’t need to learn all about sexuality before they’re even old enough to date. Children don’t need to learn the “how to”s. That’s not the problem and that’s not the answer. A little old fashioned morality and Personal Responsibility (which is hated by Liberals) would go a long way in repairing all the damage the Leftist “stigma free zone” has wrought upon us. And it would help fix our Federal, State, and Local Budget problems as fewer people would be leeching off the taxpayers.

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  1. UsneakydevilU said

    I’m right there with you, teaching kids about sex at an early age only peeks ones interest at an earlier age. I blooged this story similar to yours a few weeks back titled “New York says yes to teaching kids sex!” ( I PhotoShopped an image with Mr. Beelzebub teaching kids about sex.

    NEW YORK (AP) – Mandatory sex education in public schools (New York)…


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