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TEA Party Leader Calls For Crowd To Take The Unions Out UPDATE: “Resign”

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/09/05

And President Bush said he was proud of the TEA Party leader.

Oops, I got the story wrong.

James Hoffa, the Teamster leader told a Labor rally in Michigan “We need to take these tea party sons of bitches out” and President Obama just chilled, then praised James Hoffa. That’s Democrat civility for you, right there. Telling a crowd to “take out” political opponents, Teamster style.

There’s a reason why Teamsters is synonymous to Organized Crime. And it’s not the average Teamster union worker. It’s the Teamsters leadership. It’s the Hoffa clan. There are who knows how many Teamsters who don’t even want to be teamsters. I know. I was forced to be a Teamster twice, just to keep my job. If it weren’t for feeding my family, I would never have signed the piece of paper allowing the Teamsters to steal money from my paycheck.

But when the Teamster leader, who makes 300k off of union dues the lowly workers pay, stands in front of a crowd and uses extraordinarily violent and hate-filled rhetoric and the President — who demanded civility out of his opponents — is thankful to him? And the Left wonders why we Conservatives don’t climb into bed with them and help destroy this country. Sorry, Liberals. There is a large grass-roots mass of people who refuse to show signs of battered wife syndrome, to your utter shock and dismay.

But it didn’t just stop with crime boss and Teamster leader James Hoffa and his Obama stooge. No, Joe Biden chimed in as well, at an AFL-CIO rally. “You are the only folks keeping the barbarians from the gates.”

A Rockford, Illinois TEA Party leader calls for James Hoffa to resign. From the Daily Caller via Hot Air Headlines:

After Teamsters union president Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. called for a “war” against Republicans and tea partiers on Monday, one tea party group is calling for the union leader to resign.

“Calls to violence can never be acceptable in this civil society,” the Rockford, Illinois tea party group said in a statement. “Hoffa’s remarks were made in an introduction to Obama speaking to Auto Workers and Unions in Detroit and this sort of angry, hateful, call to violence should be repudiated by the President with a call from the President to ask Hoffa to resign his very public position of influence.”

The Rockford tea party called Hoffa’s comments “incendiary and dangerous.”

“If even one member of the Tea Party is harmed by anyone after Hoffa’s call to violence, then Hoffa should be held accountable by the Justice System and Charged appropriately,” the group said.

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More White House demagoguery, or is it just plain ineptitude?

Posted by Dana Pico on 2011/09/05

President Barack Hussein Obama has been criticizing congressional Republicans for not taking action on free-trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama. Sounds like the President has a legitimate complaint . . . until you note that he hasn’t sent them to the Congress yet!

Free-Trade Agreements Stuck in Obama-Republican Impasse

Published: August 25, 2011

WASHINGTON — Even with almost zero common ground between them, President Obama and Republicans in Congress generally concur on the need for free-trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama. But they disagree on whose fault it is that those agreements — years in the making — have still not been approved.

For weeks, President Obama has derided Congress for failing to pass the agreements, as well as a measure that would provide money to assist workers displaced by foreign competition. “The only thing preventing us from passing these bills is the refusal by some in Congress to put country ahead of party,” he said at a recent news conference.

Senior Republicans in Congress have howled in protest, pointing out that the agreements have not left the president’s desk to journey to the Hill for a vote.

“We have made abundantly clear publicly and privately that the House is prepared to vote on all three trade agreements,” said Kevin Smith, a spokesman for Speaker John A. Boehner, adding that the same goes for the bill to provide money to assist workers. “The only thing holding us up is the fact those trade bills are still sitting on the president’s desk.”

Hat tip to Chuck Serio.

The Speaker’s office has stated that the House is ready to take action on the agreements, which may or may not be true; it’s always possible that, once the agreements are sent to the Congress, they’ll simply get ignored. But President Obama has total control over whether he ever sends the agreements to the Congress for consideration, and that he has not done, something of which his deputy press secretary, Josh Earnest, was unaware.

Who knows, maybe the President is withholding the agreements to find a more auspicious time to send them over, or it could be that he thought they were sent over, but he and his administration are so inept that they just never got it done. Quite frankly, the second option seems just as probable as the first for this failed Presidency.
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