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Yeah, I can be an [insert slang term for the sphincter here]

Posted by Dana Pico on 2011/09/03

I went for a (long overdue) haircut today, stopping at the Holiday Hair chain shop on Route 443. Yeah, I know: our host will excoriate me for not using a traditional barber shop, but the only one of those in the area of which I’m aware really doesn’t do a very good job; Elaine complained about my last haircut there.

Well, after getting a decent cut from the absolutely babelicious stylist there — early twenties, blonde, with nice cleavage — I went to pay, and she asked me for my last name. “You don’t need my last name,” I replied.

“But I can’t process your payment without it.”

Fortunately, the manager was right there, and showed her how to do it, because she was clearly flustered that I’d refuse such a simple request. I suppose that I could have said my last name was Hitchcock or something, just like I could respond “12345” every time they ask me at Home Despot for my zip code, but no, I refuse to do that; I want to make a point that my name or my zip code is not necessary for them to cut my hair or sell me some lumber.

At one point, at Home Despot, I finally had to ask the check-out girl if she was going to refuse to sell me the merchandise I had selected if I refused to provide my zip code, after she had made more than one request and said she couldn’t have processed the sale without it. Had she answered that she couldn’t sell it to me, I’d have simply left the merchandise right there, walked straight over to the mismanager, and told him why he was losing the sale. But, somehow she found that yes, she actually could make the sale without my zip.

I want to encourage everyone who gets these intrusive requests not to comply, and not to give bogus answers just to move matters along; I want to encourage everybody to be an [insert slang term for the sphincter here] when it comes to this nosy stuff.
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7 Responses to “Yeah, I can be an [insert slang term for the sphincter here]”

  1. Dana Pico said:

    Yeah, I know: our host will excoriate me for not using a traditional barber shop

    Him don’t know me too well, do him?

    The only times I went to anyone other than a bonafide hair stylist after 1983 was when I was getting my High and Tights for the USMC(R) or when I was on active duty for boot and AIT. I am of the opinion that barbers cannot cut hair properly, unless you want something like a High and Tight.

    For the record, my sister cut my hair a couple times as did my daughter, but my sister has (had) her Salon Manager’s license and my daughter passed the State Cosmetology Boards, so they were both bonafide hair stylists when they cut my hair.


  2. Dana Pico said

    OK, OK, so I guessed wrong! Sheesh!


  3. :strut:


  4. Hoagie said

    Frankyly, I have a little Russian guy down the street (corner?) who does the job just swell for a formitable $9.00 a cut. Andrew, nice guy. Good cut. Of course I have to DYE my own hair. Oh, you guys don’t dye? Well, I do after all, I’m only 60.


  5. Foxfier said

    Taking bad services and/or high prices because “they’re local/small/authentic” is just the flip-side of what it would’ve been if you’d folded when the girl told you that she couldn’t process the payment without X or Y unusual information. (There is sometimes a reason for the zip– some places use it as a security measure for the checkout, especially if you’re using one of the self-checkout lanes or pumping gas.)

    Find a place that’s local and good? Use them! Promote them! Give them loyalty!

    Find a place that expects you to be loyal just because they’re local, when they can’t be bothered to do the bare minimum? Drop’em.


  6. Dana Pico said

    Hoagie, you’ve seen me: you know that I don’t bother dying my hair, even though I’m 58 years, four months and and 14 days old!


  7. Foxfier said

    Your stylist is cute.


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