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John Farmer Is A Dishonest Journalist

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/08/28

Hot Air Headlines has this John Farmer quote:

If the CBS/Times study has it right, the tea party participation is principally a Southern phenomenon. More than a third “hail from the South, far more than any other region,” it found, and that has important implications for the GOP next year and perhaps beyond.

Ooooh, scary! TEA Party demographics show more than a third are from the south! The south is taking over the Republican Party! And we all know how raaaaacist and backward those in the south are! Horrifying! Run away! Run awaaaay!

Yeah, let’s check the population totals in the US, shall we? According to the US Census, the south contains 37.1 percent of the US population, or approaching 40 percent. And since “approaching 40 percent” is a greater measure than “more than one third”, that means the south is underrepresented in the TEA Party, right? Okay, not necessarily, since I used another lamestream media tactic: dissimilar units of measurement to provide a storyline that fits a pre-ordained agenda.

I would compare like with like but John Farmer, in his ultimate wisdom, failed to provide a link to the New York Times/CBS poll. So I can’t see the demographic breakdown of the polling. So let’s just say the TEA Party’s southern demographics aligns with the US’s population dispersal. In other words, John Farmer had an ax to grind and a story to tell and he wasn’t going to let the facts get in his way.


One Response to “John Farmer Is A Dishonest Journalist”

  1. Dana Pico said

    Well, you see, John, if it’s a Southern thing, then it really doesn’t count. Them Noo Yorkers, they don’t really think we ought to be allowed to vote.


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