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I’m sure that this is just a coincidence!

Posted by Dana Pico on 2011/08/27

Sometimes the stories on America Online can be a bit overhyped — is that a redundancy? — but I looked through this story, The 10 States Where No One Wants to Buy a New Home. You can look through the Gallery, to see the reasons, but, looking at the list, one thing jumped out at me:

  1. Rhode Island Rhode Island Rhode Island
  2. West Virginia West Virginia West Virginia
  3. Illinois Illinois Illinois
  4. Michigan Michigan Michigan
  5. Connecticut Connecticut Connecticut
  6. Ohio Ohio Ohio
  7. Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts
  8. New York New York New York
  9. Maine Maine Maine
  10. Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

I’m sure you can guess what the color codes mean: the 2008, 2004 and 2000 Presidential elections, and whether the state was carried by the Republican or Democratic candidate. And with the notable exception of West Virginia, one of our poorest states, and one in which the land itself makes homebuilding much more difficult than normal, what I noted was a rather marked tendency toward a more Democratic Party, more liberal posture.

Of course, I’m sure it was all just a coincidence.
Update: While referring to this graph, in writing this comment, I noticed another “Top Ten” list of “states”, the top ten states in job creation:

  1. Texas Texas Texas
  2. Louisiana Louisiana Louisiana
  3. North Dakota North Dakota North Dakota
  4. District of Columbia District of Columbia District of Columbia
  5. Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
  6. Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska
  7. Alaska Alaska Alaska
  8. Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming
  9. South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota
  10. New York New York New York

Yup, another coincidence!
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